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The MoondialMoondialThe Moondial

Written by Helen Cresswell

Click here for an interview with Tony Sands who played "Tom" in Moondial

Characters from MOONDIAL
Minty - Siri Neal
Minty's mum Kate
Kate - Joanna Dunham
Tom - Tony Sands
Aunt Mary
Aunt Mary - Valerie Lush
Mr World - keeper of the lodge gate
Mr World - Arthur Hewlett
Nurse who takes care of crash victim Kate
Nurse - Alison Rowley
John Benson - Martin Sadler
Maggs the gardener
Maggs - Joe York
Sarah - Helena Avellano
Ms Raven - Ghost Hunter of the present
Ms Raven - Jacqueline Pearce
Ms Vole (in the past)
Ms Vole - Jacqueline Pearce
The nasty cook
Mrs Crump - Olwen Griffiths
A frightened kitchen maid, terrified of the cook
Kitchen maid - Fiona Whitelaw
The footman to the household
Footman - Frank Treqeur
Dorrie - Naomi Elvin

Belton House where Moondial was filmed actually exists in Lincolnshire. It is about 3 miles just outside Grantham. It is not that far from a number of other great houses / features including, Belvoir Castle, Stapleford Hall, Quenby Hall and Langton Hall. Belton House is a 17th Century house thought to have been built around late 1680s. It is now owned by the National Trust but was originally owned by Sir John Brownlow. The house later came under the name of Cust as the Viscount Tyrconnel who owned it then, died leaving his sister as heir. The House is most noted for its paintings, Rembrandt, Rubens, Ruysdael, Titan and Van Dyck to name a few. Tintoretto's Entombment can be found the the House's chapel.

Credits for Moondial
Name Function in Moondial
Location shooting Belton House, Lincolnshire with kind permission from the National Trust
Music David Ferguson
Production managers Steve Haggard, Mick Evans
Production assistant Sue Hills
Assistant floor manager Adam Scott, Gail Berryman
Production buyer John Charles
Visual effects Andy Lazell
Graphic design Liz Friedman
Vision control Barry Milne
Makeup designer Marion Richards
Costume designer Juanita Waterson
Cameraman Trevor Wimlett
Video tape editor Malcolm J Banthorp
Sound Brian Robinson
Lighting Ian Dow
Designer Malcolm Thornton
Executive producer Paul Stone
Director Colin Cant

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