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Car today Wheel tomorrow

Aubrey was a little animated adventure that came out of the 1980s. It was almost as unusual as Murun Buchstansangur in that it concerned the adventures of an odd little character in his own little world. Aubrey was the name of an orange coloured inventor (we assume he is an inventor as has amazing ideas and tries to make things but then again he is always broke). He spends most of his time either trying to help others with his inventions or trying to make his life simpler. Most of his ideas end in failure but his heart is always in the right place. No speaking ever occurred in the show but each episode was accompanied by music and sound effects. There were about thirty odd episodes of Aubrey each lasting about six to seven minutes. I seem to remember thew show first being shown in the early 1980s on Granada television part of of ITV (not sure if all stations transmitted it though). For some reason Aubrey is as appealing today as it was when I came in from school many years ago. For some reason his little adventures grab hold of your brain and won't let go until the end of the cartoon. Aubrey is copyright Derek Phillips Films 1980.

If anyone has any more episode information / memories or was involved in the creation, filming of Aubrey etc. then please contact me by clicking email in the navigation bar.

Although only a couple of adventures are presented here, more to follow in time.

Episode 1 - Aubrey's Garden

Aubrey's Garden

Aubrey is miserable. He badly needs a holiday and dreams of sitting in a deck chair on the beach in the hot sun. He is also broke, however, and cannot afford a holiday. He walks passed a gardening shop and spies a poster which is advertising a best garden competition with prize money. He imagines he can win the best garden prize and so even though he is supposedly broke he enters the shop and comes out with a large collection of gardening equipment.

Aubrey is having one of those days Her dreams of a holiday in the hot sun

He buys a load of gardening equipment He dreams of winning the competition

Gardening is not as easy as it looks though especially when the local birds try to get a free lunch. The greedy birds steal all his seeds after he has planted them. Aubrey then spends sometime trying to prevent this (without success though). He eventually decides to clean up his shed with paint. He then realises that the birds will mess it up so he builds them small bird houses. This is so successful that it wins the first prize and the money. Aubrey goes on holiday and takes the birds with him.

Aubrey builds a scarecrow Not really working Aubrey tries noise

He repaints the shed It wins first prize

Aubrey goes on holiday He takes the birds with him

Episode 2 - Aubrey's Boat

episode 2

Aubrey watches a huge boat pass by being towed by a car. He imagines what it must be like to sail and so decides to go boating. His first attempt is not successful as the oars snap. He then gets a sailing boat but there is no wind to move it. He then gets a powerful motor boat but ends up crashing. He thus decides that there is no other option, he will just have to build himself a ship. As is typical with Aubrey, nothing is ever too big and so his ship is absolutely huge, looks great but has been badly built.

Aubrey dreaming of life on the sea The rowing boat attempt The sailing boat attempt

The motor boat attempt All end in failure Time to build a new ship

Aubrey works hard A few desing flaws me heartys amazing what paint and decoration does

The town's people and mayor decide to host an official launching of the ship. Aubrey is driven in the Mayor's car through the streets. The Mayor looks a little drunk and this is confirmed when he tries to drink the contents of the Champagne bottle as opposed to smashing it to launch the ship. Aubrey stops him and the ship is launched. It moves into the waters and promptly sinks. Poor Aubrey.

Aubrey in the Mayor's car The Mayor looks as though he's had a skinfull The Mayor is not too happy about wasting the precious alcohol

The ship is launched The ship sinks


Story advisors.....Stan Howard, Ted Rockley

Painting.....Nancy Walker

Made by.....Derek Phillips

Copyright D.P Films (Derek Phillips Films).