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All theme music and clips has to be compressed i.e. zipped otherwise the server will not permit its upload. Sorry about this but it is completely outwith our control (it has the advantage though, that as it is compressed - it will be smaller in size). To download any theme, right click on the link to it and select save as. Choose its destination and then download. Any good unzipper program will then be able to extract the theme music into its original file format.

If you have any memories, comments (good or bad), additions or suggestions then you can either sign our guest book, ask a question on our message board or alternatively, email us. If you'd like to be kept up to date with our latest additions, send us your email address and we'll keep you posted. We would also love to hear from anyone involved in the production in any of our featured sites.

The Herbs site was MILES MENDOZA'S WEBSITE OF THE DAY 23/03/2001

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Note about Copyright

Please note the following: We know absolutely nothing about copyright laws except that all rights and licensing are owned by their respective creators. We do not make any money or any gain from writing or displaying these pages. The Big Knights Site and all of the other pages that we write are strictly for our own and other people's enjoyment. Most of the material presented here (with the exception of the Big Knights) is from children's programs 15-35 years ago. These were the days when presenters and program makers did their jobs for the love of the creation of the program. This is reflected in the superb quality of their programs, the patience and attention to every detail no matter how small. Today's children do not have access to and in most cases never will have access to these vintage television classics. Hence we are writing these sites from old memories, old/new videos, books and whatever else we can lay our hands on. If anyone has any problems with this or indeed if anyone objects via copyright laws, please email us and we will sadly and reluctantly remove the offending item(s). It will be a shame if this happens, as like most classic children's programs they will move "into the past and into memory", we will never see their like again.


Here at Little Gems we gratefully receive any information about the programs featured and wherever possible we will give credit. If we have missed anyone, firstly many apologies, email us and we will rectify this oversight. Many thanks for all the information, suggestions and offers of help that we have received over the past few months and to everyone who has ever written to us, we love to get feedback about our site and to know that we are not alone in our enjoyment of these wonderful programs.

Many thanks to John Archbold for supplying information on "TheFlashing Blade" "Marine Boy" "Mary, Mungo and Midge"

Many Thanks to Greenman for supplying additional material on "The Banana Splits", "Think of a Number" and several other bits and pieces including the Jigsaw book images.

Thanks to Andrew Mead for help with information and corrections for the BBC program Jigsaw.

Thankyou to Chris Goddard for all the hard work checking through loads of archives for transmission dates for a number of Little Gems pages.

Thanks to Helene for all her corrections for the Belle and Sebastien pages.

Many thanks to Robert Fairbanks for all the information he sent Little Gems regarding Puddle Lane.

Many thanks to Roy at Century Falls (Blue Yonder) for help with material for Jigsaw, and Think of a Number)

On The Spooks of Bottle Bay, thankyou to George Watson for providing image of Lucy Spook (and identifying her) as well as Nancy Spook

On Stig of the Dump, a special thanks to Nigel Paterson who was one of the cavemen for his interview.

On Moondial, a special thanks to Tony Sands who played "Tom" in the series for his interview.

We extend our thanks also to Robert Gross who very kindly supplied us with a synopsis on previously unobtainable episodes of Into the Labyrinth.

And many thanks go to the following people who have supplied additional information:

Matt & Sally Unwin, Ian Dyer, Nick King, Mandy Caunter, Melanie Darke, Jane, Kate Higgerson, Elisabeth Koster, Claire Sowden, Jill Moorcroft, Paul Dunne & Paddy Young on the Herbs;

Zoe Hancock, David Savage, Zoe Hancock and Andy Xantia on Hattytown Tales;

Rachel Matchett; and Peter for sending us the Wav file on The Big Knights;

Suavhobbit and Andrew Mockett on Deputy Dawg;

Sassy, her brother and sister; John Keane, Peter Smith, Gary Knox and Robert Learmouth on Mary Mungo and Midge;

Andy Carr for the theme music (mp3) for Murun Buchstansangur;

Gasper Bongiovani and Julie LeMay on Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings;

Neil Brennan and Nick King on Moschops;

Julian Dale-Burton on the Perishers;

Ed Couzens on Sir Prancelot;

PADDAZ on Portland Bill;

Rob Kirby on Murun Buchstansangur;

Jess Baldwin on T.V. scheduling.

Coming soon...

Click on the Little Gems icon in the navigation bar to see what children's television programs have already been produced. It is our intention to cover other classic children's tales which appear to have been overlooked on the Internet. We already have other items in the pipeline but intend to cover the following programs below as well. If there are any in particular that you'd like to see - let us know and we'll do our best to get a site put together then please email us, leave a message in the guest book or leave comments in the Message Board.

The Plonsters Fred Basset Crystal Tipps
and Alistair



Herge's Adventures
of TinTin
(Children's Scfi Drama)
A Likely Lad
(Children's BBC drama)
(BBC Drama)

The Blobs

The Lord of the Rings
(Animated Film)
The Blunders

Children of the Stones
(Children's Drama)


(Children's Drama)
What-a-mess Jackanory

The Castle of

Blue Peter The Pink
King Arthur and the
Square Knights of the
Round Table
The Demon Headmaster
(BBC Drama)
The Trap Door Dramarama
Tales of the Riverbank Original Dick Tracy
Five Children and It
(BBC Drama)
(BBC Drama)
Andy Pandy
Dungeons and
Dragons (animated)
Little Nezha Screen Test

The Famous Five


Red Wall
Rag, Tag and Bobtail The Funky
Charlotte's Web

Battle of the Panets


The Magic
The Ink Thief
(Children's Adventure)
Bill and Ben Magpie Bernard's
The Treasure
(Children's Drama)
Andy Pandy The Woodentops Picture Book Muffin the Mule
Madeline Mr Benn The Jetsons



The Smurfs
The Animals of
Farthing Wood
Goober and the
Ghost Chasers
The Chronicles
of Narnia
(BBC Drama)
The Snow Queen
Return of the
Snow Queen
Treasure Island
The Lion, the
Witch and the
Wardrobe (animated)
The Secret Garden
(BBC drama)
The Borrowers
(BBC drama)
The Wombles The Phantom
The Ballet Shoes Atom Ant The Bluffers Captain Pugwash Little Big
Elidor The Gemin Factor The Baker Street Boys



The Man Who Planted Trees
Adventures of
Black Beauty
(Children's Drama)
Sky The Adventures of Abney and Teal Topper's Tales Tales from Fat Tulips Garden

Thanks for dropping in at Little Gems. We hope it has been a worthwhile experience and that it has brought back happy memories of a time long ago.