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Here is a list of our favourite sites featuring other classic television programs. These sites are definitely worth visiting as they are the best and probably only pages you will ever need to browse. Click on the image logo to view.

John Ryan – A Retrospective A rare opportunity to see the works of Captain Pugwash creator John Ryan (1921-2009) on display in his home town of Rye, East Sussex. Brand new site with lots of information on the wonderful works of the late John Ryan including Sir Prancelot, Captain Pugwash and Mary Mungo & Midge.
Toonhound If you cannot find a link to a British children's animated classic then this is the site to visit. Has many links to previously unknown sites - Superb, fast, friendly and rapidly updated site. The best b'linking' site available on the net for UK based animated programs.
The Creators of the superb animation The Big Knights and other great animations can be found here. An absolute "MUST" for Big Knights fans. There is also information on "The Village"
Whirligig Whirligig is a fantastic collection of material from the 1950s onwards. Both Whirligig and Sterling Times are the only two sites you will ever need when delving into the past history of television.
The Official Pink and Perky Site. Vast amount of superb resources concerning the famous duo.