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Bleep and Booster

By William Tymym

Bleep and Booster by William Tymym (1903-1990)

Bleep and Booster first made their appearance on Blue Peter back in the 1960s (I believe 1964 although not 100% on this). They appeared on the BBC in five minute episodes of which five or six made up one entire story written by Dorothy Smith. I have been informed that when first shown on Blue Peter, the title was "Booster, The Space Boy and his friend Bleep." The stories concerned the a young boy, Booster, from Earth and his adventures with a space robot called Bleep. Many of their adventures were released in Blue Peter annuals and in their own annuals later on. The drawings were by the late artist William Tymym (Tim) from Blue Peter and released by Purnell 1966. Bleep and Booster also made it to counter and dice games as a result of their fame with Blue Peter (more details on this to come soon). The narration was by Peter Hawkins who also found fame doing the voices for the Daleks in Dr. Who. The sound effects for the stories was provided by Brian Hodgson. Although Bleep and Booster were made in black and white using still screens the stories were extremely addictive using the effects of zooming in and out plus the screen panning effect. Apparently Bleep and Booster were popular with Blue Peter annuals right up to 1977. In the fifteenth Blue Peter Book released in 1978, no Bleep and Booster was to be found - a casualty perhaps of a major blockbuster space film released a little earlier. Below if the first of a few episodes that still exist. Anyone having any comments or corrections etc. then please email me at the usual address found on the navigation bar. There is also a new link to the Bleep and Booster Book "Bleep and Booster's Space Secret."


Earth Boy Booster
The Captain (Bleep's father)
Blink (Bleep's cousin)
Twink (Bleep's cousin)
Spiky was a tiny
space animal that
Bleep kept as a

Episode - The Giant Brain (First broadcast on Blue Peter 09th and 23rd October 1969)

There is an emergency on Myron. Several Myron space craft have vanished without trace. Myron Space Freighter 9 stands by to blast off with orders to seek, attack and destroy the cause of the problem. Bleep and Booster arrive unseen by Bleep's father, the Captain. Bleep is very concerned as he has never seen his father so serious. The boys are afraid that the Captain will be angry when he sees them so they try to leave quietly. Alas it is too late as the space ship starts to blast off. Bleep and Booster have to hide. Whilst heading out into deep space the boys decide to make an appearance. The Captain is furious that they are aboard and he tells them to keep out of the way. Suddenly the ship is taken over by a vast ray of white light. All the controls are taken over by an alien force and the ship is remotely landed on an unknown planet.

Myron Space Freighter 9 on Myron The crew are told of the problem Several ships have vanished the Captain informs them

The heroes arrive The ship is captured The surface of the hostile planet

Cautiously the Captain and his crew step out onto the alien planet. There appears to be no life except for some large towers with beams of light coming from them. Suddenly the Captain and the others are caught in a beam of white light and a voice booms out "I am the giant brain" "You are powerless." The Captain and the crew are helpless and captured. Bleep and Booster see all this and decide to head outside on the small rocket scooter. They find the Captain and the crew inside one of the towers but the boys cannot help and only just escape themselves as the white lights search for them. The duo decide to head for a small star nearby.

All the other missing ships Bleep and Booster on their rocket scooter The captured crew

There they find no sign of life and decide to have their emergency rations of fibrous concentrate and Glucoid energisers. They then get sleepy and fall asleep. Booster wakes with a startle. A hideous monster is coming towards him.

the boys consume their emergency rations Time for a short nap aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As it gets closer a voice says "Help me I'm suffocating." Booster realises that it is Bleep who is coming towards him. A fast growing fungus has covered him. Even the rocket scooter is being attacked by the fungus. They free themselves and then set about trying to take off but it is useless, the scooter is damaged. They take out the rocket packs and attach them to their backs. They then blast off into deep space. They are soon intercepted by another Myron space ship. A rescue party has a fleet of ships standing by all with the deadly delta disintegrator gun. They will deal with the Giant Brain and the fungus. The fleet arrive at the fungal planet and using the delta disintegrators they destroy the fungus. They then move onto the Giant Brain planet. The Giant Brain knows they are coming and uses the white ray on the fleet, but the rescue ships reflect this ray back to the towers and thus destroys the structures. The rescue party then rescue the captives and destroy the Giant Brain before returning home.

The rescue ship The fleet The delta device

Stick 'em up The prisoners are located All's well that end's well

Time to go home

And as with all the other Little Gems of television, so ends another wonderful adventure series. Beautifully drawn and sketched with a great story line. No fancy effects or expensive animation because quite simply it wasn't needed. Sadly we will definitely not see the like of this adventure series again.

Any thoughts, suggestions, comments etc. then please email me at the usual address.

Episode - Solaron (to come soon)


Original Drawings by Tim
Story by Dorothy Smith
Special Sound Brian Hodgson
Told by Peter Hawkins

Story by Dorothy Smith Special Sound by Brian Hodgson Told by Peter Hawkins

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Bleep and Booster - Main Page Bleep and Booster - Book Page