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Cockleshell Bay Episode Guide

A Fresh Start

The Cockles have just moved to Cockleshell Bay. They have bought a house and plan to convert it into a guesthouse. Dad does not want to work aina factory and mum does not want to live in a town. Mum and Dad are busy inside removing rubbish and sorting out furniture. Robin and Rosie are outside but not sure what to do with themselves. Rosie is not sure of why they have had to move as she liked the old house.

Tough life being young Dad busy tidying Mr Shipham's Boat

Mrs. (Gran Routy) comes round to help the Cockles. She is later employed to help Mum and Dad with the Guesthouse chores. The children also meet Mr. Shipham who insists they call him Mr. Ship.


The Cockles are busy, busy, busy so busy in fact that they have given no thought to what they should call their guesthouse. After several suggestions everyone is left thinking. Robin and Rosie go and see Mr. Ship. He teaches them about the front and the back of a ship. He also introduces them to Fury the Donkey. He is called Fury because he is so gentle. Mr. Ship gives them each a bucket and spade which gives Rosie the idea of naming the guesthouse - "The Bucket and Spade." Mum and dad think this is a great name.

The children are tired Everyone is tired Hello my dears (Mr Ships favourite line)

Fury the Donkey Mr Ship gives Robin and Rosie each a bucket and spade The perfect name for the guesthouse

The Pirate Seagull

Mum is feeding Ben Gunn the seagull. Ben appears to have broken his wing at some point and so finds it difficult to fly. Mum and Dad then go inside as they have a lot of work to do. Ben vanishes as well and the children are left alone outside. Mr. Ship arrives (hello my dears" he says. He asks Mrs. Cockle if he can get a lift into town. She is going into town to do some shopping and so takes him with her. The children take some biscuits, let father know where they are going and then go into Mr. Ship's yard. They look for Fury and feed him. After playing for some time they decide to eat the remaining biscuits but to their surprise there are none left. After blaming each other the children find the real culprit - Ben Gunn.

Ben Gunn the Seagull Rosie gets a fright Play Time in Mr Ship's Yard

The Grand Old Duke of York

The children are in the kitchen making lots of noise singing the nursery rhyme "The Grand Old Duke of York." They are so busy using pots and pans that they do not hear the grown ups. The grown ups eventually come down and ask the children to stop. The children go and see Mr. Ship. They find him playing the violin which he picked up in South America many years ago when he was sailing round the world. They then ask him if they can play some music using his kitchen pots and pans.

Fury being fed Mr Ship plays the fiddle The children want to play

Happy Birthday Gran Routy

The Cockles and Gran Routy are finishing off their coffee and tea. Mrs. Cockle then asks Gran if she would do the bedrooms as she wants to use the kitchen. Gran is a little puzzled as bedroom day is normally tomorrow but she goes and gets on with her work. It turns out that it is Gran's birthday and the Cockles plan a surprise. Mrs. Cockle is making a special birthday tea. The children go outside. Rosie has a small bag with some ingredients in it. They head to Mr. Ship's yard. Mr. ship helps them but soon leaves as he has some shopping to do. Gran arrives at the party and brings a cake she had made just as Mrs. Cockle brings out the cake she made, just as Mr. Ship brings out the cake he went shopping for, just as the twins bring out the cake they had made.

The Cockles planing a birthday party Time to go and play Rosie has cake ingredients

Baking a cake Party Time Happy Birthday Gran Routy

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