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Terry Toons Deputy Dawg (originally from the U.S.A. in early 1960s) first appeared on British television during the 1960s (more information on the exact dates soon). This cartoon tended to be shown at about 16:00 or so just after the kids got home from school. I think BBC1 first aired the show but I may be incorrect here. The cartoon concerned the adventures of a Deputy Sheriff named Deputy Dawg and his constant battle with Muskie and Vince in getting them to attend school or preventing them from stealing eggs or getting up to no good. If anyone has any corrections or additional information to the material presented here, then please e-mail me at the address below and I will alter or add accordingly. All images on this page have been reduced in size for ease of use and can be viewed at original size using view function with browser or other image viewing package.

Character guide

Episode guide

Episode One A 100 dollar prize is up for grabs and the sheriff insists that Deputy Dawg does nothing that would compromise him winning the prize which he has won many times. Vince and Muskie have other ideas though as they are tired of DD winning something that they consider to be his job. They plan to steal fish, water melons and home made pies in order to make DD mad so he ends up not doing lazy things. All this fails, however, and DD is awarded joint first place with Muskie. DD loses the number 1 spot when Muskie decides he is too lazy to pick up the winnings. It all ends up okay though as Muskie decides to split the winnings with DD.

{short description of image} Muskie intends to steal eggs the trap

{short description of image} {short description of image} Muskie splitting the winnings

Episode Two Muskie and Vince are playing truant and decide to go fishing. On the way they come across the Sheriff. He is appalled that they are not in school. The Sheriff goes off to find DD and orders him to catch the truants and get them back to school. Deputy Dawg finds them at the edge of a lake fishing but scares them when he sneaks up and rings the school bell. Every time the bell rings they must go to school but Muskie and Vince have other ideas.

Bell sounding for school Muskie and Vince have other ideas Deputy Dawg insists they go to school

Escaping again !! School house

Episode ThreeMuskie is cooking pancakes for breakfast but Vince and DD. DD, however is not exactly generous when it comes to handing out the honey except when it his pancakes though. DD soon finds he has run out and goes off to find his secret supply. On arriving there he discovers that a big bear has found his secret supply and has begun helping himself. The bear has a total disregard of the law and refuses to budge. DD has to ask the help of Muskie and Vince in order to get him put in jail for 30 days.

Muskie and Vince in jail The bear in jail Muskie's place

Episode FourMuskie and his friend Tycoon are fermenting blackberries. They are soon discovered by Deputy Dawg who checks the law on fruit juice after Muskie tells him it is blackberry spring tonic which is a soft drink DD confiscates all of the drink and takes it back for testing. Deputy Dawg's nephew comes over and takes a drink. Muskie and Tycoon have never seen the nephew and think that the dulip (blackberry drink) they created has caused DD to regress in age.

Muskie and Tycoon making drink DD checking rules on making drink Deputy Dawg's nephew Junior

Episode FiveIt is a very hot day indeed...very hot, very hot. DD is keeping eye on Muskie and Vince as they try to get into Sheriff's ice house to try and cool down. After several attempts Muskie releases all the ice accidentally into swimming pool. DD thinks he will be in big trouble with the Sheriff when he finds out but the Sheriff thinks it is was a superb idea as he, Muskie and Vince take a cool dip

A very hot day The Ice House Cool dip in a pool

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