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The Story

The Earth is being subjected to some form of space plague. There is mass panic as people in the streets are struck down dead. The only mark of their death is a purple spot in the middle of their foreheads. Earth's scientists have no answer to the purple death and can only sit by and watch. Meanwhile Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr Zarkov are up in the Earth's stratosphere in Zarkov's rocket ship. They are convinced that the answer lies up there. There are soon proved correct as they spy a rocket ship from Mongo dispersing purple dust into the atmosphere. As it disperses, the dust becomes invisible.

Flash sends out a radio transmission to his Professor Gordon (Flash's father). Flash and Prof. Zarcov are attempting to recover electrified dust in the stratosphere using Zarkov's rocket ship. Could Ming be the villain here yet again.? The two rocket ships engage in exchanges of fire and both are hit. Flash makes it look as though his ship is damaged and so puts his ship in an unrecoverable dive. The damaged Mongo ship heads off triumphantly back to Ming with news that they downed the Zarchov ship. Meanwhile Flash's rocketship heads for Arboria, the home of Prince Barin. We soon learn that General Lupi of Frigia is being held capture by Ming. Flash and the others must attempt a rescue.

Meanwhile back at the palace of Emperor Ming, Ming's chief scientist has discovered a way for the purple dust to kill only intelligent people leaving the stupid and easily lead ones to a life of slavery. Ming decides to test it on General Lupi. Just as we are about the see Lupi bite the dust (pardon the pun), Flash arrives to spoil Ming's plans. As always at the end of an episode a cliff hangar is only a few seconds away. A fight thus ensues and it is fisti cuffs all the way. The episode ends with Flash and a guard falling down a vast energy pit, hopelessly falling with no way to escape.

Humans are dropping like flies
The Purple Death

The newspapers reveal
the truth

Flash Gordon Senior
attempts to calm the people

Flash, Zarkov and Dale
aboard the rocketship

One of Ming's ships
from the planet Mongo

The Earth as seen
from space

Chapter two (images coming Soon)