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The Children of Green Knowe

The Children of Green Knowe The Children of Green Knowe

The Children of Green Knowe - Episode 2 shown Wednesday 3rd December 1986 at 17:05 on BBC1 and repeated on Sunday 7th December 1986 11:25 BBC2

The Children of Green Know episode 2

Tolly awakes the next morning with Gran opening the curtains of his bedroom. All the waters had gone and a large fish is still flapping around on the grass. Tolly tries to pick it up but it is too slippery. He calls for Mr. Boggis who arrives and picks the fish up and throws it into the pond. Mr. Boggis tells him that the fish is called Neptune and is over 100 years old and master Toby used to feed them with bread.. Tolly hears some music and head off to locate it. He heads towards some ruined buildings and just as arrives the music stops. He wanders into the woods and fields looking for any sign of the music maker. He comes across several stone and wooden animals that may have belonged to Toby. He suddenly hears childrens voices laughing and runs to find them. He pretends to play hide and seek and can even hear their footsteps. He is still unable to find them and so heads back to the house. He speaks with gran as he takes tea with her. She tells him of the flowers and then asks what he has been up to. He tells her about the animals but avoids telling her about the ghosts he believes are in the garden.

Outside the huge house Granny wakes Tolly up Tolly discovers the poor fish

Tolly makes further discoveries He finds lots of wooden animals Tolly receives a strange item

Tolly explores the grounds Back for tea with Granny

Granny then tells him a story of things that happened in the family's past. In the tale, a little girl called Linnet is sick and is dying. Toby takes his horse and tries to ride through a terrible storm to fetch the village doctor. Thunder and lightening is all around but Toby makes it into the village and gets the Doctor. The doctor tells him to come inside but Toby wants to take care of his horse. Toby grooms his horse and whispers to her.

The little bird is pulling at something Tolly finds a key

The key opens a chest of treasures The items belong to Toby, Alexander and Linnet Unknow to Tolly, he is being watched

Tolly awakes the next morning to the tapping of the little bird again. This time the bird is pecking at some small yellow fibres on top. Tolly gets up and pulls at the fibres. they are the end tips of a long piece of old rope which has a large key at the end. Tolly uses the key to open a large chest. He rushes downstairs to Gran and takes her back to show her what he has discovered. Inside they find an old wooden flute, old books, a dominos game and old collar belonging to Toby. They also found some old dolls of Linnet which had been brought back from one of Captain Oldknows journeys. They also find Toby's old sword. Gran looks sad because she finally realises that Toby and the others are dead. We learn that the entire family died during the Great Plague. Apparently their Boggis went to London on business and when he returned, he brought the disease back with him. Toby, Alexander, Linnet and their mother all died on the same day. Little Boggis also died. Only the old grandmother was left, too unhappy to cry. It all happened a long time ago. Tolly goes out to the old barn and again hears voices but still cannot find the children. He goes up high in the barn but still the children will not reveal themselves. Tolly is not very happy about this. He pursues the childrens voices into the woods and eventually towards a small jetty. He turns around looking for the voices and then suddenly sees a huge old tree looming at the side. The tree looks very evil, with an old face staring back. Tolly runs off quickly upset when it starts to blossom / snow. In the undergrowth we seen two children (Linnet and Alexander) watching Tolly from a distance.

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