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Interview with Noel Cameron of Kathy's Quiz

Had you always wanted to work in television even as a child and what was your first job in television ?

Yes I had always wanted to work in TV and my first job was as an extra on a YTV program.

When did you first learn to play the guitar ?

I taught myself guitar from the age of 14, then played in groups throughout the late 50's until 1964 then went for classical guitar lessons and had to re learn nearly everything. I broke away from being an extra into proper acting when I was selected for a main part in a Colin Welland series called Wild West Show which was about a northern rugby union club. I then did a play at the Cruicible Theatre Sheffield and appeared at Batley Variety Club playing classical guitar.

What was it like working on Kathy's Quiz ?

Kathy's Quiz came along in 76 and I played small parts, one or two scenes, in Corry and Emerdale and quite a few Northern based plays. Working on KQ was very nerve wracking for me because I had to do the playing and signing and read the auto cue none of which I had done in a TV studio before plus there was no editing, so if a mistake was made we had to go back to the beginning so as we got to 7 min the tension mounted. All in all I enjoyed it, and in the end we all wrote some episodes and I wrote the theme music.

What were your favourite childrens programs when you were a child ?

When I was a child (I was born 1941) it was radio for children, Childrens Hour, Toy Town were my favourites.

What are you up to at the moment ?

I haven't done any TV since 1989. All Creatures Great and Small was my last job. I now run my own business fitting window blinds, but still play guitar every Sat & Sun with a band and I am next to the youngest. Two are over 70.

What does your family think when they see you on children's television programs ?

My two children and grandson treat the tapes of KQ. with mild amusement, but I don't care - Thanks for your interest. Noel Cameron

Many thanks to Noel for taking the time to help out with a few questions concerning his time working on the Kathy's Quiz his other work in the television industry.

Kathy with Noel Cameron and Lynn Garner

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