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The start of Hattytown

Click on the above image to hear the introductory theme (zipped MP3 format).

Hattytown was first shown in the late 60s - early 1970s. It concerned the adventures a small number of hat people living in Hattytown. The only character who was not a hat was Carrots who was a donkey. The tales were created and written by Keith Chatfield and the puppets and decor was by Ivor Wood.

I seem to remember watching this program in the early afternoons when I was about five year old. Each episode last approximately 10 minutes or so. The video material that we have is quite old and hence some of the images are not as colourful and bright as they should be. Several toy related items were eventually released - a jigsaw is hown below. The jigsaw was a 20 peice affair and unusual in that it was made out of wood. The game was released in 1970 by a company called Philmar. This is the first and only merchandise that I have seen for Hattytown.

Jigsaw - Hattytown Tales

Thankyou to Fionnadh for sending me the scan

Hatty Town


The post-office Simon's House

Bobby's House The School master's house

Some of the houses in Hattytown

Episode Guide

You Cannot Please Everyone. Posty is delivering mail, Milko is delivering milk and Mr. Bun is delivering bread. Sancho and Carrots notice that things could be speeded up if they all combined their efforts. Sancho suggests that the three mix all three jobs into one.



Sancho and Carrots

Sancho and his special friend Carrots

People of Hatty Town

Posty, Mr. Bun and Milko discussing their jobs outside Posty's House

Bobby the policeman is not happy about the fact his post is so late or the fact that his fresh bread has been flattened. The Mayor (Mr. Wimple) is furious that milk, bread and letters are very late as he is normally the first customer. His fresh sticky buns have also been flattened

The Mayor complaining as usual

Mr. Mayor complaining about late deliveries

Wash Day. Sancho and Carrots are busy washing laundry as it is wash day on a Monday. The weather is very windy and Sancho tells Carrots to keep an eye on the washing line. Carrots gets distracted and soon the washing is scattered all over Hattytown.

Wash day is Monday

Sancho and Carrots washing

Carrots washing socks

Carrots washing socks

Carrot thinks he has seen a ghost

Carrots thinks he is seeing a ghost - it's Bobby under a sheet

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