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Hector's House

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Hector's House

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Original French Title

Original French Titles

Hector's House

This may probably be one of the first true puppet series that people born in the 1960s will remember vividly. Hector's House was first shown on television by the BBC on Monday 09th September 1968 (thanks to John Archbold). I certainly remember it from 1971 when I am told I was riveted to the television screen of a late afternoon. It tended to be placed just before the news on a week day. Although Hector, ZaZa and Kiki (the only three characters in the series) had British accents, the program was actually produced in France. Evidence for this is with some of the signs in the series such as the name on Hector's shed and the game Kiki brings over the wall with her. Further evidence is shown in the way the garden is constructed (they have a walnut tree in the garden amongst other exotic plants) , especially the large wall which Kiki regularly appears over. The dress sense of the animals also suggests something not quite British about the show. The last episode was televised on Thursday January 08th 1970. A total of 78 episodes were shown by the BBC.

The series concerned the adventures of Hector the dog, ZaZa the cat and Kiki the annoying frog (she was actually referred to as Mrs. Frog, by Hector in early episodes). I've lost count of the number of times I have wanted to strangle that rotten frog. Hector and ZaZa lived in the big house, a house with a magnificent garden. Hector did have a kennel though, to which he would visit when he wanted to think, meditate or be alone. The kennel was made of wood, painted white and was situated in the garden (although it did move once or twice). Kiki the frog lived next door and in every episode she would appear on top of the wall perched on a very tall ladder. She would then enter Hector's garden via a hole in the wall. Hector must've had a screw loose here because that hole could easily have been filled up to stop that green pest from coming round. ZaZa and Kiki were friends however, so I suppose Hector only tolerated Kiki because of not wanting to upset ZaZa. I don't know what the relationship between Hector and ZaZa was but they did sleep in different bedrooms. How the hell do I know that - well in the episode "A song at night," Hector turns off his bedroom light which is then followed by ZaZa's bedroom light after which she slips out of the house without Hector noticing. Each episode started with the bird singing in the garden and always ended with Hector saying a similar expression such as "I'm a great big silly old Hector." No credits were ever shown at the end of each episode.

Full listing of "Hector's House" from the RadioTimes (Many thanks to John Archbold for the information)

Transmission Date Episode
09.09.68 A Mysterious Visit
10.09.68 Good Morning Frog
11.09.68 The Thistle
12.09.68 The Weather Forecaster
16.09.68 The Snack
17.09.68 The Siesta
18.09.68 Fishing
19.09.68 The Tom Coat
23.09.68 Deep Sleep
24.09.68 The Nest
25.09.68 The Well
26.09.68 The Head
30.09.68 The Watchdog
01.10.68 Good Manners
02.10.68 Naughty Dog
03.10.68 The Tuba
07.10.68 Hector is ill
08.10.68 The Disagreement
09.10.68 Music
10.10.68 Jealousy
16.10.68 The Caterpillar
22.10.68 The Hosepipe
23.10.68 The Pyjamas
24.10.68 Chasing Butterflies
28.10.68 Playing Tag
29.10.68 Hector Thinks Hard
30.10.68 The Surprise
31.10.68 Pig
04.11.68 Jam Making
05.11.68 Keep This Garden Tidy
06.11.68 Zaza Goes Away
07.11.68 The Setting Sun
11.11.68 The Weather Game
12.11.68 The Little Duck
13.11.68 Exercises
14.11.68 Looking After Kiki
18.11.68 Happy Returns
19.11.68 Painting
20.11.68 The Coach
21.11.68 Faster, Faster
25.11.68 The Basket
26.11.68 The Botanist
27.11.68 Wake Up Kiki
28.11.68 The Piggy Bank
02.12.68 Scarecrow
03.12.68 Photography
04.12.68 The Picnic
05.12.68 The Soap
12.11.69 The Tunnel
13.11.69 Traffic Regulations
17.11.69 The Perfume
18.11.69 Hector’s Secret
19.11.69 It Works, What’s More
20.11.69 Good Journey
24.11.69 Silence Is Golden
25.11.69 Blind Man’s Buff
26.11.69 The Pumpkin
27.11.69 The Boxes
01.12.69 The Trap
02.12.69 A Good Remedy
03.12.69 The Porcelain Vase
04.12.69 The Work Of Art
08.12.69 Ouch My Paw
09.12.69 The Le Mans Race
10.12.69 Lessons
11.12.69 The Quarrel
16.12.69 The Letter Box
17.12.69 Operation Survival
18.12.69 A Song At Night
23.12.69 The Three Christmas Trees
28.12.69 Hector The Brave Fireman
29.12.69 The Sweater
30.12.69 Hector Is Too Late
01.01.70 The Marvellous Invention
05.01.70 Hector Never Forgets
06.01.70 Treetop Kiki
07.01.70 The Bell
08.01.70 A Stranger Stranger


Hector the dog
ZaZa the cat
Kiki the frog
Kiki the frog


At least 45 episodes were made (that is how many is in my collection), some of which have never been released on VHS or DVD. Some episodes are shown below by clicking on the table. Other desciptions may be found in the white tables towards the bottom of the page.

Hector's House Main Page Hector's House Episodes 1-4 Hector's House Episodes 5-8 Hector's House Episodes 9-13
Hector's House
Main Page
Episodes 1-4 Episodes 5-8 Episodes 9-13

Other episodes included :-

A mysterious visit Hector and ZaZa begin work on their garden but Hector is disturbed to find a small hat on his plants. Who could it belong to ?
Good Morning Frog Kiki finds a small hole in the wall of Hector's garden. She goes off in search of her favourite little hat.
A Strange Stranger Hector gets upset when Kiki and ZaZa do not believe he has a Scottish Cousin and relatives all over the world.
The Three Christmas Trees Hector, ZaZa and Kiki each buy a fur tree as a surprise for each other. As usual chaos reigns for Hector when he starts seeing trees multiplying.
The Marvellous Invention Hector is busy inventing a complicated gadget. Kiki and ZaZa play on the swing as they will not understand it, he tells them.
Silence is Golden Hector is very irritable. He cannot stand any noise and gets very annoyed when he tries to meditate but keeps getting disturbed.
A Song at Night ZaZa goes for a midnight walk in the moonlight. She sings a song as she walks in the garden with a candle.
Hector is too Late Hector and ZaZa are cutting wood for the Winter. Kiki helps with the wood stacking. Hector gets a bit annoyed with all the chatting and messing around.
The Brave Fireman Hector is busy filling buckets with water. He is having a fire drill. We also notice that Hector starts calling Mrs. Frog, Kiki.
The Bell Hector wants ZaZa's bell. He wants to hang it on the gate. He then blocks the hole with a barrel to stop Kiki coming in and so forces her to use the gate with the new bell.

Operation Survival Hector eats the cheese that ZaZa was saving. Hector states that he can go without food if he wants to. He decides to live on a shipwrecked island like a stranded man would in order to prove he can go without food.
The Letterbox Hector is bored. So bored, in fact, that he calls for Kiki to entertain him. She brings along her letters that have just arrived from her family in America.
A Good Remedy Where is everyone ? Kiki cannot see anyone in the garden. Both Hector and ZaZa have been eating nuts and they have toothache. Kiki comes round to keep them company by playing games.
The Quarrel Nut cracking for everyone. The Walnut tree is ripe for picking and Kiki comes round to help harvest the crop.
Treetop Kiki ZaZa and Kiki are playing but Hector is getting very annoyed. The girls have trampled on the vegetable garden.
Photography Hector wants to take ZaZa and Kiki's picture. As usual things do not end up as planned.
The Weather Forecaster Hector is gathering in the hay. He gets a bit superstitious when ZaZa puts her paw behind her ear. He says that whenever she does that, the rain starts.
The Botanist Hector does not know the type of plant ZaZa has. She leaves it with him whilst she goes and looks for some others for her collection. Hector likes collecting things as well.
The Soap Hector is busy in the garden. He is getting very dirty and so decides he needs a bath. He sneaks into the house and gets all he needs but forgets the soap. The pond will make a fine bath.
The Sweater ZaZa is making a sweater for Hector. He is very impatient though for her to finish the knitting.

Piggy Bank Hector has bought a present for everyone after having been shopping in town. What could he have bought them ? A piggy bank !
The Well The trio are playing with a ball in the garden. The ball ends up in the garden well. How ever will they get it back ?
Deep Sleep Hector is having a nap in the garden. ZaZa does not want to sleep and so does her best to annoy Hector. Hector is furious especially when Kiki does not believe him about ZaZa's behaviour.
The Kennel Hector relocates his kennel underneath the Apple tree. He then wants a nap while ZaZa and Kiki climb the tree to admire the view.
The Funnel Hector is doing DIY again. He makes Kiki a chair but forgets about a nail. She goes and gets his tools but ends up spending more time in the shed than Hector bargained for.
Jealousy Hector is busy repairing things. Kiki is not at all appreciative but thinks that ZaZa is wonderful in whatever she does.
Playing Tag Hector is bored. The others offer suggestions of what they could do. Hector wants to play hide and seek. Kiki has never played it before though.
The Thistles Hector is pleased to see Kiki (odd thing). She comes into the garden and Hector shows her round the new vegetables that have grown.
Happy Returns Hector, ZaZa and Kiki are in Hector's car travelling outside the garden (very rare). Hector is very pleased to be back having been away for so long. Time to start work on the garden again.
Hector Never Forgets Hector is relieved to be back home after a long walk to town again. ZaZa and Kiki notice that he has forgotten several things. He will have to do something about his bad memory.


Hector's House The End