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Jigsaw Jigsaw Jigsaw

Jigsaw Jigsaw Jigsaw

Jigsaw Jigsaw

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Jigsaw began in early 1979 with six programmes (according to the 1984 Annual). It ran for over five years and was a popular weekly quiz program shown on BBC1 during the week at 16:25. The original two stars were Janet Ellis (soon to be a Blue Peter presenter 1983-1987) and totally mad Adrian Hedley who had an obsession with dungarees and a tall black hat. The object of the show was to let the viewers determine a six letter word. The letters of the word were given in the form of clues and Janet and Adrian would act out the clues using pictures and sketches. As well as the quiz, Adrian would entertain the viewers with his mime acts whilst Janet tried to get on with some work. From time to time Jigg the animated jigsaw piece would appear on the screen to introduce or reveal information. Jigg was a type of 'Neoprene Wart' - a lump of painted rubber that could be manipulated to different shapes from behind, and was 'keyed' over the actual picture. He was not a computer animation. Many thanks to Anrew Mead for supplying me with this information

Occasionally Pterry would also chip in to the proceedings as he had a book of proverbs. Number 999, all's well that ends well. In 1982 he tried to fly again using the help of Adrian and the 'O' men. It was not really very successful as he was dropped from a great height, fired out of a cannon, put on rotor blades, fired from a catapult, all to no avail.

Another character that often appeared was Biggum (spelling obtained from the BBC here). His presence was only revealed via his huge feet (in excess of 10 feet in length) and occasionally his huge hands. He spoke with a Scottish accent though and was 60 feet, 18 meters tall. John Leeson played Biggum and had previously played the voice of K9 in Doctor Who. Andrew Mead (BBC) informed me that "on one occasion he (John Leeson) moaned about the fact that, as a character actor, he was working on Doctor Who for 9 months of the year and was never seen. Andrew pointed out he was now playing a pair of feet, and was still not seen. Andrew also remembers Hector the hedgehog in Jigsaw who went around flattening artic lorries.

Later on it was co-hosted by the 'O' men. They were played by Dr. Who star Sylvester McCoy and David Rappaport. The 'O' men could only be summoned by saying six double 'O' words in a row. Much later in the series there appeared Mr. Noseybonk. He was quite a scary character (at least two children I know, were scared by his character, one of them my sister). I think it had something to do with the really long nose, staring eyes and no facial movements. Mr. Noseybonk would hurry around outdoors looking at different objects. Viewers would have to identify the first letters of the objects he was looking as these made up the answer for the write-in competition.

In 1983 Janet Ellis left for much greater heights, that being Blue Peter. Julia Binsted was chosen to replace her. Julia's character was called Dot. Dot was an electronic whizz who controlled all the video games, computers and screens.

A series of Jigsaw books were to accompany the series as shown below:

1984 Jigsaw annual

1984 Jigsaw annual (authorised edition as seen on BBC TV)

Thanks to Greenman for the above three images

If anyone has any more episode information / memories or was involved in the creation, filming of jigsaw etc. then please contact me by clicking email in the navigation bar. I would love to be able to add more information to this page.

Characters from the show

Adrian Hedley
Adrian Hedley
Janet Ellis
Janet Ellis
Biggum the giant
Pterry the Pterodactyl
Cid Sleuth
Cid Sleuth

In the later series in 1984 (according to the annual), the team were joined by Wilf Lunn and Paul Clayton.

In addition to the above Jigsaw included a strange, weird creature and the stuff of nightmares........a creature called "Noseybonk." He appeared from time to time on Jigsaw often giving clues to the mystery word which Jig had set. Below are a few shots and believe me, a few are all that is needed to bring back the night terrors.

Noseybonk Noseybonk Noseybonk

Noseybonk Noseybonk Noseybonk

Episode - Spring

Adrian giving away one of his clues Yet another mime Janet busy at work

Jigg appears Janet and Pterry Janet when she first found Pterry

The duo in one of their sketches with Adrian visiting the Doctor The same sketch

Our intrepid detective Cid the sleuth is again hard at work catching criminals. Whilst out in a field, happily watching television, he fails to notice the nasty robber sneakily stealing the contents of his front room. Only when he loses his actual seat does he realise that something is wrong. He then sets off in hot pursuit into the woods. Eventually he tracks down the villain and recovers the stolen objects. As usual with Cid, the ending is never happy as his television blows up.

Time for Cid Sleuth

Cid at work Cid hard at work

Cid the great detective deos not notice the robber behind Poor Cid

Our Cid soon gets his man It somehow never ever works out for Cid

Cid sleuth

Below, Adrian and Janet are bore silly trying to piece together a white jigsaw.

Another part of the show Adrian and Janet try to put together a white peice jigsaw

An ongoing story was shown on Jigsaw called

"The Further Adventures of Jigg"

Jigg was a little square jigsaw piece. He was born in a wooden jigsaw, part of the sky in a desert scene.

He had lots of adventures including going into space

The adventures of Jigg Jigg was not happy

The jigsaw was not right for him A jigsaw piece in a jigsaw of a desert

He makes a break for it puts together the jigsaw She has nearly finished

The word is Spring


starring Adrian Hedley and Janet Ellis
and the voices and feet of John Leeson
Cid Sleuth by David Cleveland and David Wyatt
Film Contributions Gil Potter & Martin Cooke
Jigg and Pterry made and operated by Joe Barton
Jigg's Jigsaw made by Tim Willis and Tony Baker
Signature Tune by Richard Denton and Martin Cooke
Sound John D. Wilson
Lighting H.H. Wells
Graphics Ian Ruffin
Film Editor Ken Bilton
Video-tape Editor Howard Dell
Production Assistant Juliet Miller
Designer Chris Robilliard
Written and Directed by Clive Doig
Copyright BBC MCMLXXIX Bristol

End credit