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Joe was a lovely little still frame animation (probably a technical term for this but cannot think of it) concerning a little boy, Joe and his family. According to a book I have it was part of the "Watch with Mother" series. Joe and was written by Alison Prince and illustrated by Joan Hickson. The TV series was narrated by Colin Jeavons. It was only on for about 5 minutes or so but was beautifully drawn and scripted especially for young children. The only thing I remember about it in terms of when I was a child were that all the characters, Joe, mum, dad, Gran, Rosie and Mrs. Higgs all had red rosy cheeks. They all looked as though they needed a good dose of Calpol (anyone with kiddies will know what I mean). The book is dated copyright 1968 and is based on the BBC TV series, hence Joe must have come out on television before that date but alas I do not know when exactly. The copyright for the screen captures is Joan Hickson and Alison Prince 1970.

mum and dad
Mum, Dad and Rosie
The Milkman
Mr Mud
Mr. Mud
Mrs Delarge
Mrs. Delarge
More guests
Ms Quinne
Ms. Quinne

Episode 1

This episode begins with Joe sat in his bed. He is very excited about something but he can't think why. Then he remembered that his mum was coming out of hospital today with their new baby. He rushes downstairs to see his Dad. Gran, Dad and Joe are in the kitchen. Dad needs to go to the hospital soon to pick up Mum and the new baby but breakfast must be made for the guests. It is here that we first learn that Joe's family run some form of guest house and have several guests staying at the moment. Gran takes the helm and helps out by taking care of breakfast. Dad thus drives the car to the hospital.

Joe sat up in bed He is very excited In the kitchen

Dad in the car Mr Mud arriving for breakfast Mrs Delarge

Gran sets the tables for the guests. "How many guests have cereal for breakfast ?" Granny asks Joe. "Mr. Mudd does, he has lots of everything" replies Joe. Another guest comes down for breakfast and sits at her table. While Joe is in the Kitchen other guest come down and want different things for breakfast. Joe helps Gran by taking the guest's breakfast to them. He stops on route, however, when he hears a knock at the door. On opening the door he sees a lot of people standing together. "We'd like several rooms" says one of the men. "We have been driving all night" he continues. Granny is overwhelmed by all the people all wanting breakfast and she is rushed off her feet. Joe helps as best he can but the egg timer has rung and no one can turn it off. Granny has not noticed as she is busy with the guests. Just then the milkman pops his round the door and comes in and helps Joe. He is very good cook and soon he has made all the fired eggs, bacon , beans and sausages. Just in time it seems as Mum and Dad with the new baby arrive at the door. We learn that the little baby girl is to be called Rosie. Dad thanks the milkman and Gran for all their help. He then goes to meet the new guests while Joe looks forward to having some breakfast.

The milkman pops is head round the door The new arrival


Illustrated by Joan Hickson
Told by Colin Jeavons
Music by Laurie Steele
Produced by Q3 London

And so ends one little tale of a beautifully written and drawn story concerning the adventures of Joe. Children's TV writers of today could learn much by speaking to the creators of this wonderful little series. I'm afraid that's all folks as I do not have any more episodes on tape. If anyone has any more episode information / memories or was involved in the creation, filming of Joe etc. then please contact me by clicking email in the navigation bar below.