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The Big Knights

Created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker

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".......The Height of Two Men, ....The Weight of Four,.... The Strength of Sixteen........Sir Boris, Finest swordsman in the world...... and his brother Sir Morris, not the finest swordsman in the world but the most enthusiastic....and their noble pets, Sir Horace the dog and Sir Doris the hamster.....THE BIG KNIGHTS......."

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Great News - The creators of The Big Knights have a Web site (named Astley Baker) dedicated to their animation techniques and other information about their work This is an absolute must visit as it gives information on not only The Big Knights but also other animation such as Jolly Roger, The Hill Farm and The Village. Make sure that you visit this site by. clicking below (link permission obtained via AstleyBaker Productions

Astley Baker

The Big Knights began on terrestrial television at 12:45 Sunday 19th December 1999 on BBC1. It is a 13 part animated comedy series about the adventures of two knights and their pets. Brian Blessed and David Rintoul provided the voices for the two knights although there were many other guest voice overs. Each episode lasted approximately nine and a half minutes and was created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker. Hopefully they will create more of these superb, short animated adventures. Please....if anyone has information about any of the wonderful people (especially Neville Astley and Mark Baker) who were involved in making this fantastic series, please E-mail me at the address at the bottom of the site.

The Big Knights - Characters

Sir Boris Sir Morris

Sir Horace Sir Dorris

King Otto at Court
King Otto
Princess Lucy and Princess Loretta
Princess Lucy and Princess Loretta
King Otto's big sisters
Lady Iris and Lady Lily
A nice Sunday Drive
Wizard Zabobon, Princesses Lucy
and Loretta and King Otto out for a drive
Ethel's sister
Ethel's Sister

Quick episode guide.
More images from each episode (only Episodes 1-2 at the moment) can be seen by clicking on the episode title

Knights in Distress. A great day for Borovia. King Otto having ordered a large dam built, now has to attend the ceremony to open it. The King is pleased that the dam was finished on schedule at half the cost but is a little unsettled to hear that the dam will not survive hurricanes or meteorite strikes. Meanwhile princesses Lucy and Loretta, whilst on a walk about with a group of nuns, get locked in a high tower. Send for help…..send for the Big Knights....enter the Big Knights....enter a meteorite????

Ethel and the Imp. Mrs. Minion, Sir Boris and Sir Morris's house keeper decides to pay a visit to her sister in the neighbouring town of Borodzo. Sir Boris and Sir Morris have to fend for themselves in the kitchen with disastrous consequences for the Castle and an evil Imp that turns up to try and trick Sir Morris. Mrs Minion returns to save the day using a vacuum cleaner and prevents the boys from starving to death.

Knight School. The Big Knights disgrace themselves whilst performing a song (and belching) at a banquet held by the King. He at first dismisses them from the order of Knights and banishes them but the boys are granted an appeal made on their behalf by the two Princesses. Sir Boris and Sir Morris are forced to attend the Borovian School of Chivalry (run by Sir Kiftsgate) where they are soon appalled at what new knights are taught (how to bow to a Duke and an Earl). The Big Knights decide to teach the old methods of fighting, eating and barking. Sir Kiftsgate is equally appalled when they suggest this. Hence our two heroes open up an Old Fashioned Knight School where the old arts are taught. Their new pupils, however, are not what they seem to be. Unknown to Sir Boris and Sir Morris they end up teaching Knightly secrets to Dragons, Witches and Ogres who eventually terrorise the kingdom until it is rescued by the Big Knights. Sir Kiftsgate, however, states that the Big Knights are indeed his finest pupils suggesting he taught them everything. This does not fool Princesses Lucy and Loretta or Wizard Zabobon for a moment.

Time Protonosphere. Sir Doris’s hamster wheel is squeaking. It has been squeaking all night keeping the entire castle awake. Sir Boris is determined to get it sorted and whilst he is busy, Sir Morris receives a strange visit warning him not to take the hamster wheel to a famous but mad scientist to mend. Sir Morris therefore forgets the warning and does the complete opposite and thus suggests to Sir Boris that they take the wheel to be fixed. On arriving at the mad scientist lab, chaos ensues and the boys end up changing history as they travel backwards through time.

The Land of the Vampires. Sir Boris and Sir Morris need a holiday and decide to check out the local tourist information centre. They are sold on a cheap package to a miserable dark village being terrorised by Vampires. Although warned off by the locals the boys eventually find themselves surrounded by Vampires in the Castle.

Sir Morris and the Beanstalk. After hearing a bed time story Sir Morris swaps all of his and Sir Boris's gold for a worthless magic bean.

The Village Games. The village local games is an event to which the Big Knights always attend. This year, however, the locals are determined that Sir Boris and Sir Morris will not take part. The boys are thus sent off into a thick forest. The villagers soon regret their decision as Sir Boris and Sir Morris come across a witch and one their favourite sports is witch hurling.

Alchemy. King Otto hears that the Queen of one of his neighbouring Kingdoms has a sorceress who can turn any metal into gold. He thus wants the magic spell and requests two volunteers. Sir Boris and Sir Morris volunteer and are made invisible by King Otto's wizard. As usual things don't turn out the way they should and King Otto ends up poorer than when he began.

Lost Doris Sir Doris. Sir Morris's pet Hamster wanders out of the castle in search of food. She soon goes missing and ends up in the stomach of a hungry dragon

Clockwork Knights. King Otto is alarmed to find that an error in the local finances has meant that a large sum of money has been paid to a local town for the construction of a clock. He thus sets off with the princesses Lucy and Loretta to see this fine time-piece. The local town's folk are very pleased with the clock and of the impending visit of the King. Their happiness is soon turned to dismay after the clock is destroyed by Sir Boris and Sir Morris when they are playing toss the rock. The Knights themselves thus decide that they will fix the clock.

The Troll Bridge. King Otto, the princesses and an escort of knights are driving along the local road in Borovia (King Otto's realm) when they come across a Troll and his bridge. The Troll politely informs them that they must either pay a toll, solve a riddle or beat him in combat in order to pass over safely. The King refuses and attempts to cross by foot during which he is magically lifted up, turned over and dropped in the muddy river. King Otto then calls his knights to deal with the Troll. The Princesses keep on asking their father to pay the Troll the toll. The Troll grow to about 6 times his original size and so the knights back off. The King still will not pay and eventually has to call for the Big Knights assistance. They arrive and introduce themselves to the Troll who now grown 8 times his size and a fight begins. Neither side wins as both the Troll, Sir Boris and Sir Morris are exhausted. The King then agrees to try and solve the riddle. This is eventually solved by the Big Knights who can then cross over the bridge. Everyone else now pays the toll to go over the bridge...except King Otto who instructs his wizard to take the magic spell off the bridge. Once the spell has been removed, King Otto's car moves over the bridge which crumbles into the muddy water.

Proton Power. King Otto as usual is dreaming of wealth and power. He learns of a new cheap power source and against the advice of his scientists, he invests in dangerous but cheap form of power for Borovia. Will our two heroes save the day and cause havoc as they try to help....Enter the Big Knights.

The Royal Escort. The first 12 episodes were great but this one is the best). At court, King Otto receives a phone call from his big sisters, Lady Lily and Lady Iris. They wish to see their nieces and demand that Otto send them round. The King requests two escorts. In step the Big Knights who escort the princesses Lucy and Loretta. Lucy and Loretta, however, want to have an adventure and so lure the Big Knights into the forest of Disenchantment. Here the foursome have a picnic and then fight off man eating plants. During all this the girls are taught how to burp by the Big Knights. Lady Lily and Lady Iris are big strong women who instantly take a shine to Sir Boris and Sir Morris. The princesses are now happy to stay when they find out that their aunts are full of adventure. The Big Knights end up having to escape down knotted sheets as they escape the clutches of Lily and Iris and rush home to Borovia. They are soon called back when they have to escort the princesses back home

The People of Borodzo and Borovia

Sir Boris is the sensible one of the two brothers and hates Sir Morris's pet hamster. He tends to lead Sir Morris in times of decision making. He and his brother live in a castle just outside their town of Borodzo

Sir Morris always acts first and then thinks later and is very fond of his pet hamster who is forever biting him on the finger. His heart, though is always in the right place.

Sir Horace is Sir Boris's pet dog

Sir Doris is Sir Morris's pet hamster and is always in search of food.

King Otto rules Borovia. He does not appear to have a wife but has two young daughters. His elder sisters Lady Iris and Lady Lily live some distance away through the other side of the disenchanted forest.

Princess Lucy and Princess Loretta are the young princesses who are forever looking for adventure especially with the Big Knights. They are taught how to burp in one episode. They are always eager to help in any situation, no matter how dangerous it might be.

Lady LiMorris whenly and Lady Iris are the big sisters of King Otto. He had a terrible childhood being brought up by these two. Both these ladies fall for our heroes Sir Boris and Sir Morris when they escort the two princesses to see their Aunts. It is during this episode that Sir Boris and Sir Morris feel what it is like to be afraid as they make there escape from the castle.

Wizard Zabobon is the King's wizard. He is old and hesitant (perhaps too cautious sometimes). He despises Sir Kittsgate. The wizard is always accompanied by a number of buzzing flies around his head.

Sir Kiftsgate is a cowardly, soft knight who dislikes the Big Knights unless they are saving his life. He tries to grab credit whenever he can.

Daring Sir Douglas is a very old knight who likes poetry

Mrs Minion is the Big Knights faithful servant and castle keeper. She has a sister who lives in the village of Borodzo opposite the Big Knights Castle on top of the hill.

The Castle at Borovia Village Borodso

The Castle at Borovia........................ ......Village Borodzo

Knights at play Picnic time

Knights at play.........................Just a small picnic

Supper time The proper way to burp

A light snack...............................What a belch

The Cast

Animators Music

The End