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The Adventures of Kum Kum

(Paramount Productions)

The Adventures of Kum Kum was a cartoon adventure series shown in late 1970s on ITV. It concerned the adventures of a Stone Age village during a time when there was no school, books or modern aids. Kum Kum was a small boy who with his friends Butterfly (small girl), Bumbles and Little Rock (both small boys), spent their days playing and looking for adventure. Kum Kum's father was called Strong-arm - he was the leader of the village. Kum Kum's mother was called Flora. Kum Kum had two sisters, the elder called Wild Flower and Tum Tum (sometimes called Little Tum) was the youngest member of the family. Wild Flower had romantic interests in Roman who was the son of The Wise One (see later episodes for more info). The Wise One recorded information on tablets of stone and had access to lots of reference material from that time. The Village also relied on the prophecies from Dark Eyes who would give out predictions on the future - mainly to get food and put fear into the villagers (all her predictions were totally useless of patently obvious). Kum Kum and the other kids had no respect for her whatsoever. Roman was the son of The Wise One and he had had a fall out with his father since he did not want to record information onto stone but wanted to see the world instead. Roman went away for two years to see the world before unexpectedly returning to the village. Jumbo was the brother of Little Rock. Jumbo was a huge character (almost twice the size of Strong-arm). He did all the heavy manual work. He was considered to be slow and a bit dense but he actually knew a lot about nature and especially the Cheeky Squeakies. The Cheeky Squeakies were a bunch of little red creatures who mainly played in the countryside. They were almost like an early form of Pokemon. Not sure what creatures they were supposed to be but they had some form of magic with which they helped the villagers when kindness was show towards them. Click on the image at the bottom of the page to visit the Kum Kum episode guide.

Main Characters

Kum Kum


Little Rock


Wild Flower
(Kum Kum's Sister)

Tum Tum
(Kum Kum's
Little Sister)

Strong Arm
(Kum Kum's Dad)

(Kum Kum's Mum)


The Wise One
(Roman's Dad)

(Little Rock's Brother)

Dark Eyes

Water Lily
(Butterfly's Mum)

Cheeky Squeakies

Little Bun


Kum Kum, Butterfly
Bumbles, Little Rock
Strong Arm, Flora
Wild Flower, Roman
The Wise One, Dark Eyes
Water Lily, Jumbo
Voices by:- Barbara Frawley, Ray Hartley, Noel Judd, Beryl Marshall, Darani Scarr, Keith Scott
Original Story and Characters created by:- Madoka Akitsu
Animation by:- Hiromitsu Morita
Recordist / Mixer:- Phil Heywood
Script Supervisor:- Noel Judd
Producer / Director:- Phil Judd
Executive Producers:- Banjiro Uemura

Click image below to see Kum Kum episode guide.