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Episode Five

The children arrive in a new time. They are in a dark cellar and there is a loud sound of rumbling overhead. At first they think it is thunder but it turns out to be cannon fire. They are in the cellar of an old house in the middle of the English Civil War between the Cavaliers and the Roundheads. An old woman called Nan appears and immediately tries to get the children to come with her. She gives them candles as they are to be moving through very dark passages. She thinks they are the children of Lord and Lady Courtney (the house owners) and calls them Ralph, Lucy and Tobias. She wants to lead them off to safety as quickly as possible. As they walk away Helen is given a candle stick to protect her hand from the candle wax. She and Terry bump into each other and they receive a strange electrostatic charge. They are unsure what caused it but carry on regardless.

The Children arrive Rothgo as a Cavalier

Meanwhile Phil and the old woman have found Rothgo who is an actor dressed as a Cavalier. He has lost his companions and all his equipment. Back in the cellar a disguised Belor appears. She is surprised to hear that three children have appeared and is most upset when she learns that a candlestick is missing (the Nidus perhaps?). Belor finds herself under arrest when the Roundheads enter the house. Phil does his best to convince the actor that he is indeed Rothgo and that Belor is an evil witch. Rothgo does not really remember, understand or believe him but soon does when a Roundhead soldier tries to arrest him for being a spy. Rothgo destroys him in an instant and then realises who he is. Terry and Helen leave Nan in the dark and go back in search of Phil and Rothgo but soon end up getting lost.

Belor as a maid Colonel of the Roundheads Roundhead Troops

Belor on the other hand is getting a little impatient with the Colonel of the guards who does not know who he is dealing with. She bribes the Colonel by helping him to get the children of the Cavaliers in exchange for a valuable heirloom they have stolen. Terry and Helen try to summon Rothgo on their own. Rothgo realises that the Nidus must be very near for the children to be able to contact him when there are only two of them linking hands. The children start to look for it. The Colonel of the guards despatches his men to look for the children as Rothgo and Phil are taken captive by the Roundheads.

Helen and Terry try to summon Rothgo

Belor is getting impatient especially as the Colonel asks about the heirloom that she is so interested in. When Rothgo and Phil are brought before Belor she changes to her original form, as does Rothgo and they walk around each other against the backdrop of the Universe.

Belor launches lightening bolts at Rothgo who easily deflects them. He then hurts her by aiming one at her main weak point - the neck. This weak point is Rothgo's best way to damage and thus weaken Belor and is used in many of their clashes. They both return to their original forms but are locked in eye to eye mental contact. Phil distracts the concentration of Rothgo when he realises that Terry and Helen must have found the Nidus. Whilst distracted Rothgo is vulnerable and receives a bolt to the face from Belor which renders him unconscious. Terry and Helen are pursued by the guards and captured but not before Helen drops the Nidus in the form of the candlestick. Old Nan picks it up not knowing what it is. The children are brought before Belor who now gets distracted and Rothgo hits her with bolt. She hits the children with a bolt when she thinks they are trying to form a ring. She then lashes out at the Colonel and his guards as they think she is a witch. She freezes them all except Rothgo who turns himself into a Tarantula spider. He attaches himself to Belor's skirt as she can no longer see him. Belor rushes off after the children not knowing she is also carrying Rothgo. The children have run off to find the candlestick. Nan eventually finds them but before she can give them the candlestick Belor appears and even though bitten by the spider she summons up enough strength to yet again deny Rothgo the Nidus. The power source is again sent hurtling off through space and time and the children are sent off in pursuit.

The children find themselves are running through the labyrinth and falling through time but as they move closer to the time of the Nidus, Belor intercepts them and places them in a time vortex while she possesses Rothgo's mind. Belor is trying a new trick to prevent the Nidus falling into Rothgo's hands. Whilst in the time vortex, the children are delayed while Belor in the time of the French revolution seeks to find Rothgo and the Nidus. She finds him in the form of an aristocrat and casts a spell so that he cannot hear the children or be able to help them.

Meanwhile the children are still trapped and are calling for Rothgo's help. He awakens and sees Belor but does not recognize her. She pretends to be a friendly young French woman called Juliett who helps him up. Rothgo starts to take a shine to her and even turns her into a lady using some of his magic tricks (still unaware of who he really is). While Rothgo and Belor dance, the children finally arrive in time to see the events.

Soon a French rival for Belor's affection displays a little jealousy and tries to make out the Rothgo is a spy and a thief. As they are arguing, French soldiers arrive along with the newly elected Proconsul. Rothgo is thus arrested. Belor now wants the children arrested as well. The children, however, head off to find Rothgo residing in a cell. He does not recognise them and resists all attempts to make him listen. They decide to join hands and call for him. He tells them to concentrate to break Belor's spell. Rothgo finally remembers who he is and that the Nidus is close by. He thus casts a spell to break open the cell door.

The Proconsul is now conspiring with Belor so that he can take the city of Paris and put himself in as its Emperor. A friend of Rothgo overhears this and so decides to stop the events by removing a time piece from the cellar in order to make a primitive timed explosive. He sets the timer and intends to blow the place to bits in an attempt to stop the plan of the Proconsul. The timer is started at the end of Episode 6 and continues its countdown at the start of Episode 7.

The Nidus is the timer clock attached to the powder keg that is just minutes away from exploding. Belor intercepts it - denies them the Nidus and allows the explosion to happen which further weakens Rothgo.

The children find themselves falling again through time. Eventually they stop and find themselves with the Rothgo they met originally when he first sent them on the quest for the Nidus. He is very weak and close to death. He tells them to return to their world as his time is up. They beg him to send them to another time for another attempt at capturing the Nidus. He does not want to do this as if they fail he will be unable to bring them back and they will be lost forever in the time of the Great Labyrinth under the colossus in ancient Greece. The children decide to go back and start to make their way through the labyrinth. They soon come across a great horned bull's head which turns out to house the Nidus. As Terry attempts to grasp it he is stunned via a bolt of lightening. The Nidus is protected via some kind of force field. They have to hide when Theseus and Ariadne (Belor in disguise) arrive. Theseus wants to destroy the Minotaur. Belor persuades Theseus to take the Nidus instead. When he does this the whole cave starts to tremble and rocks start to fall.

Theseus and Ariadne escape the rock fall with the Nidus. The children see the Nidus has gone and so call Rothgo for advice. Rothgo is too weak to help but he appears in the form of Daedalus. He is suspicious of the trio but eventually believes them when they explain what is going on. The children think they may be trapped but go off in search of the Nidus that Belor and Theseus has taken.

Belor has to remain close to him as she cannot hold the Nidus while Rothgo lives. Theseus gets knocked out by a rock fall and Belor gets hurt when she tries to pick up the Nidus. This proves to the witch that Rothgo is still alive. Belor revives Theseus and they still continue to seek a way out of the labyrinth. Daedalus creates a sword and shield for Phil as he prepares to do battle for the Nidus with Theseus. Daedalus creates many copies of Phil in order to confuse and scare Theseus. Daedalus then attacks Belor. It was unwise of her to attack him in his own Labyrinth - the Great Labyrinth. Theseus runs away and Belor is held by Daedalus. The children then try to form a ring and return to Rothgo's time. As they run with the Nidus, they are pursued by an angry Belor.

Belor tries everything to stop them but eventually they get the Nidus to Rothgo. The eternally good Sorcerer who could if he wished now destroy the evil Belor within the blink of an eye offers her the chance to share his power. She says nothing but as she stares at the light she is destroyed.

Suddenly the three children find themselves in thick countryside back in their world. Terry shouts for Helen as he can hear her singing Bananas in Pyjamas. Eventually Helen and Terry meet and are surprised when they see another boy called Phil who they do not recognise. He tells them of a cave nearby with fossils in it. They are interrupted by an old man. He gives them a crystal each. "Keep them", he says - "as souvenirs". Phil states that "souvenir means memory, but memory of what ?" - The old old man says "of other times." "Look at them more closely" he says and as they do the children see them sparkle with the light of the Nidus. As they look up, the old man has vanished. The trio then head for the caves for some fun and adventure.

So ends a superb children's television drama. It is not possible to compare today's childrens dramas with those dramas of twenty years ago. It may not have the special sets and effects of today's childrens programs, however during its day it kept myself and other kids glued to the television screen and so deserves a place in the Little Gem site.



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