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Larry the Lamb and Toytown stories

S. G. Hulme Beaman

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Episode Guide

Episode One

Larry the Lamb and Dennis the dog are out playing. They decide to go and visit the Town of Arkville, where upon arriving, they manage to insult and annoy the Mayor of Arkville by splashing water on his car. The Mayor of Arkville is furious as the two of them should not be playing in the town fountain and he is even madder when he realises that Larry and Dennis are from Toytown. He thus sends a message to the Mayor of Toytown complaining about the Toytown people.

Toytown The Town Hall Toytown at night


One night as Toytown is fast asleep strange things are afoot. The guard outside the Mayor's house is frightened at sounds that he hears and so hides in his box. The next morning Larry and Danny are near the statue of the Mayor when they are approached by the policeman who shows them that the statue of the Mayor has been painted green. Danny spots a trail of painted green footprints on the cobbles. The trio follow the trail and it leads to Mr. Grocers shop. Mr. Grocer is panting his shop the same colour of green that the Mayors statue had been painted. He is most annoyed by the interruption. "It's an outrage" he cries. Mr. grocer says he bought the paint from the Inventor. Everyone then heads off to see the Inventor. He too denies the charge. But who was the mystery painter?

Larry the Lamb and Danny the Dog Mr Grocer's shop The Inventor's house

Episode Two

Mr. Artist lives alone and is a very shy character. He often gets rude things said to him so he tends to stay in and paint during the day and go out at night when it is quiet. At night he visits several inhabitants of toy town in order to sell his pictures. He has real difficulty in selling them though especially with the rude Mr. Grocer who scorns the paintings and is furious to have been disturbed so late at night (yep you guessed it "It's an outrage" he cries).

Larry on the street in Toytown The boys hatching a plan

Mr. Artist runs into Larry Lamb and Danny the Dog, both busy trying to think of ways to make money. As always Danny has an idea how to make lots of money for very little work (and what little work is required, you can be sure Danny won't be around for it!). Larry is to sit on the street with some the paintings during the day when the locals are going about their business. Mr. Mayor is walking by and is most impressed with the paintings that Larry has, even if Ernest the policeman is not at all impressed. Mr. Mayor asks Larry if he will come to the townhall and paint his portrait. Larry does not tell him that he did not paint the pictures in front of the Mayor. Larry goes back to Danny and Mr. Artist and the trio hatch a plan.

Episode Three

The mayor of Arkville was being driven along a road by his driver. He is busy chatting to the driver about food and things. Further down the road two badly behaved toys are up to mischief. The car is forced off the road when toy animals of Toytown deliberately place a fallen tree in the road. The naughty toys then fire an arrow which hits the Mayor of Arkville's hat. He is furious and demands action.

Signpost for Arkville and Toytown Naughty, badly behaved animals The town of Arkville

The next day the Mayor of Toytown request that the important members of Toytown go to the town hall for a meeting. The Mayor of Toytown has received a letter from the Mayor of Arkville telling him to control his animals. The residents of Toytown are appalled and demand action ("It's a disgrace" cries Mr. Grocer). Captain Higgins suggests a duel should be fought and that the Mayor of Toytown should call out the Mayor of Arkville. Mr. Grocer has taken the insulting letter rather personally and so he and Captain Higgins deliver the response in person to the Mayor of Arkville. The Mayor of Arkville is not very happy about it but then again neither is the Mayor of Toytown. The Mayor of Toytown tries to bribe Larry lamb to prevent the Arkville Mayor from turning up at the planned location for the duel. Danny has another plan (as usual it involves making money). The Dog and Whistle is to be the meeting place for the duel. It is midway between Toytown and Arkville and a known haunt for desperate characters of the towns. If Ernest the policeman ever wants to take the name and address of a Pirate or a Highwayman he knows that this is just where to find them.

An important meeting The insulting letter Mayor of Arkville being called out

The Mayor trying to bribe Larry The Dog and Whistle - scarry looking place Toytown Mayor is a bad shot

Episode Four

The arrival of the express train from Arkville at Toytown always provides some form of entertainment. On this occasion Mr. Grocer is at his most stubborn. He refuses to get out of the train as he paid to go all the way to the golf course and does not want to change trains (It's an outrage" he cries. He thus ends up having to leap to the platform when he realises that the train will leave with him still on it. Eventually with the not so helpful Larry and Danny he arrives at the golf club. His arrival instantly annoys the Mayor of Toytown who is playing a round of gold with Ernest the policeman. Mr. Grocer insults the Mayor and so the two agree to have a competition tomorrow. Mr. Grocer has never really played golf before and so Larry and Danny try to help him. Before the competition is to be played, Danny and Larry look at the penny that they were given by Mr. Grocer. They each want it and so decide that whoever backs the winning golfer shall have the penny. Larry and Danny do not want to lose the penny to the other so they each approach a resident of Toytown for help. Larry seeks the help of the Mr. Inventor while Danny gets help from Mr. Magician. Both the Magician and the Inventor decide to help try and secretly fix the result of the golfing competition.

Express train Mr Grocer has to jump for it The golf course in the distant

The clubhouse Mr Inventor at work Ernest and the Mayor of Toytown

More episodes to come in time including:- Mr Mayor, The Mayor's Sea Voyage, Tea for Two and How Radio came to Toytown.

Lary the Lamb - main page Episode guide
Toytown - Larry the Lamb
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