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Ludwig Ludwig Ludwig

Ludwig Ludwig Ludwig


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This has to be one of the most bizarre but quite charming additions to Children's Television era. It concerned the adventures of an ovoid crystalline entity which liked to play music and draw things from inside the egg shaped outer shell (see characters below for visual). The creature draws out helicopter blades at the start of each episode in order to land safely. Throughout the series other items such as, violins, cellos, mechanical looking arms and legs are all drawn out of the shell for a particular purpose. The Egg shaped character was called Ludwig, a name given to him by the weird man with the binoculars and hat, who hangs out in the bushes spying on Ludwig and the forest animals. His, is the only narration in the series as the rest of the action centres around the animals, Ludwig's music and the items they come across. Ludwig, definitely had metal / mechanical legs but for some reason wore normal shoes. At least 14 episodes were made although there could well have been more. It was not a particular success with children, although today, my kids quite like it. Ludwig played with and entertained the other main characters in the five minute animation. These included, The cheeky Magpie, Mrs. Magpie, The timid Squirrel, The curious Owl and The troublesome Hedgehogs.

Episodes released included:

The Arrival A strange egg shaped object lands in the wood. Only Magpie is brave enough to go and check what is playing the music. Ludwig is here to stay
Hiccups The Hedgehogs youngsters have hiccups and it will not stop. Perhaps some music will help.
The Hooter A horn appears on the grass in the woods. As usual Magpie is first on the scene to check it out.
Glue Ludwig has a problem and only some glue will fix it. The woodland animals though get into all kinds of trouble with this sticky substance.
Kites Ludwig gives the animals kites. The young hedgehogs are literally swept off their tiny feet by the kites.
Tennis The animals are introduced to the game of tennis. Owl in particular takes an interest in the game.
The Swing The swing goes down a treat with the animals although it really was only built for one animal at a time.
Skating Winter hits the forest and the animals are shown how to skate on thin ice.
Sculptor Ludwig frightens some of the younger animals by creating stone look a likes.
Umbrellas The young hedgehogs did not learn the lesson with the kite experience and suffer the same gusty problem with the umbrellas.
The Ball Ludwig likes a game of football.
The Coin A shiny coin proves too much for the cheeky young Magpie.
Bubbles Bubbles, bubbles everywhere but not where they should be - in the bath
The Bell Magpie plays with a bell and discovers his reflection. Ludwig gives the other animals small shiny glass ball balls which they use to decorate the tree.


The Magpie
The Owl
The Weird Man in the bushes
The Weird Man in the bushes
The Squirrel
The Hedgehog Family
The Hedgehog Family

The Story of The Bell

As usual, the spy in the bushes is busy watching Ludwig and the forest animals at play. Ludwig is playing the violin and is surrounded by all the animals, except one. Magpie is not to be seen. Magpie is elsewhere in the wood as he has found himself a small shiny bell with a red ribbon attached. Magpie is excited about his find and rings the bell. Owl tells him to be quite as he is interrupting Ludwig's musical session. He tries to take it up to his nest but it is far too heavy for such a small bird. He crashes into a branch and by accident, the bell starts to fall to the ground with Magpie stuck inside. All the animals and Ludwig scatter as the bell crashes where they were playing. Thank goodness Magpie is okay. The small ball on the inside is easy to move but Magpie notices his reflection in it. He introduces it to Owl and the Hedgehogs.

Luwig entertaining the animals Magpie has found a bell Magpie tries to take the bell

oh dear Reflections Luwig gives everyone a ball ball

As usual all is being watched Mrs Magpie has a ball ball for her nest What a pretty tree

Ludwig then opens up and from inside he gives all the animals ball balls of their own. they each can now look at their own reflections. The spy in the bushes is as usual watching all the proceedings. As the animals take their balls balls back to the tree, the whole plant shines like a Christmas tree. Magpie is still trying to repair the pieces of his ball. Ludwig plays a special piece of music on his cello for them.


Storylines Jane Tann and Susan Kodicek
Voice Jon Glover
Musical Arrangements Paul Reade
Post Production David Yates Ltd.
Original Music Ludwig Van Beethoven
Created by Mirek and Peter Lang
Copyright Mirek Lang 1977

End Credits End Credits

End Credits End Credits