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Mary Mungo and Midge Introduction

by John Ryan

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Mary, Mungo & Midge was first shown on British television in early 1970s and rapidly achieved cult status. Each story concerned the adventures of a little girl called Mary, her dog called Mungo and the little mouse Midge. They lived in a large tower block, the pinnacle of 1970s architecture. Unlike most adventures, the stories all took place in the inner city where Mary and her parents lived. Using your browsers image view command you can see larger versions of the image files shown below.

This wonderful children's animated adventure still remains a classic flat cut type animation.

Each 15 minute episode was narrated by Richard Baker and he introduced each one with:

"A town is full of buildings, some tall, some short, some wide and some narrow.

The buildings are flats, and houses and factories and shops. They are built in streets."

Inner city where Mary Lives inner city buildings inner city traffic

"The streets have cars, buses and lorries driving along them. Do you live in a town?"

inner city streets inner city shops

"Mary, Mungo and Midge live in this town."

mary-mungo-midge Mary, Mungo and Midge

"They live with Mary's mother and father in this tall block of flats."

Mary's block of flats Mary's flat is on the top right

"They live right at the top.

There are 8 flats built on top of each other.

Mary, Mungo and Midge live in the flat with the flowers growing in the window box.

There's Mary, there's Mungo and there's Midge."

Mary and her dog Mungo Midge

"Mary, Mungo and Midge have a large, sunny room to play in."

The play room

"A room full of games and toys and picture books."

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Episode Guide:

Thirteen episdoes were made and first shown on BBC television (thanks to John Archbold for the information).

1. The Crane – 7/10/69

2. The Letter – 14/10/69

3. The Boat – 21/10/69

4. Printing 28/10/69

5. Clocks – 4/11/69

6. Mungo Lost – 11/11/69

7. Automatic Machines – 18/11/69

8. The Toy Shop – 25/11/69

9. At The Fairground – 2/12/69

10. Flying – 9/12/69

11. The Garage – 16/12/69

12. The Hospital – 23/12/69

13. The Seaside – 30/12/69

Mungo and Midge in the lift

{short description of image} The lift

Inside the lift "...must make sure the lift door is shut" {short description of image}

Mungo, as he leaves, must always make sure that the lift door shuts.

Program Credits

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Pictures and Movement by John Ryan Studios
Story Written by Daphne Jones
Story Teller Richard Baker with Isabel Ryan
Music by Johnny Pearson
Filmerd by Bura and Hardwick
A John Ryan Production BBC TV

Help from viewers:

Does anyone else remember when Mary broke her leg (can't remember how) and had to go the the hospital to get it xrayed. When the film was developed, Midge's skeleton was also seen - the little imp had climbed onto the couch with Mary - how's that for a caring NHS? Mary's leg was put in plaster and she limped around the flat on crutches; Midge also limped but can't remember him having crutches.

Many people have written in with their memories about Mary Mungo and Midge posting a letter/parcel. Midge either becomes stuck within this item or follows it through on a mail sorting carriage on the train. This item is then delivered, perhaps to Mary's Grandmother? What about Midge flying on a kite? Or remember Mary ending up looking "spotty". Another episode features Midge who uses his nose to operate a lever the coin lever inside a milk vending machine. Mungo becomes upset at watching his antics as lots of milk cartons are delivered.