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The Little Mole

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The Mole by Zdenek Miler

Who does not remember this classic little animation from the great Czechoslovakian illustrator and director Zdenek Miler (shown below). Krtek, or "little mole" was first created in the mid 1950s and resulted in over 60 animations about the friendly creature.

Zdenek Miler - creator of the Little Mole

Most Little Gems visitors will fondly remember the cartoon from the 1970s when it was shown by the BBC. I have very little information on exact dates, however, I do know that "The Mole" was shown on BBC1 at 16:25 on the Friday 09th May 1975 (my RadioTimes collection helps yet again). Most of the episodes ranged from 6-10 minutes (others, though were much longer) and were typically shown before Jackanory on a week day. I have included some images below which may jog a few memories. Over thirty books have been produced about the Mole. "The Mole" was as popular in Czechoslovakia as Bagpuss was in the United Kingdom.

Der Maulwurf In Der Stadt Wie Der Maulwurf Zu Hosen Kam How Little Mole made Mouse well again Little Mole in winter

Little Mole and His Toy Car Little Mole and the Green Star Little Mole and the Space Rocket

Little Mole Little Mole Little Mole Little Mole Little Mole

Little Mole Little Mole Little Mole Little Mole

Some examples of the vast number of books by Zdenek Miler

Characters in the animation "The Mole."

Mole Rabbit Frog Hedgehog Mouse Snail The Birds
The Mole The Rabbit The Frog The Hedgehog The Mouse The Snail The Birdies

A Few Episodes

Some are now active with images and a story or two - more to come soon.

The Mole and the Car
"The Mole and the Car" by Zdenek Miler (Czechoslovakia, 1963)
The Mole and the Bulldozer
"The Mole and the Bulldozer" by Zdenek Miler (Czechoslovakia, 1975)
The Mole and Christmas
"The Mole and Christmas" by Zdenek Miler (Czechoslovakia, 1975)
The Mole and the Matchbox
"The Mole and the Matchbox" by Zdenek Miler (Czechoslovakia, 1974)
The Mole and the Lollipop
"The Mole and the Lollipop" by Zdenek Miler (Czechoslovakia, 1970)
Mole and the Music
"Mole and the Music" by Zdenek Miler (Czechoslovakia, 1974)
The Mole and the Carpet
"The Mole and the Carpet" by Zdenek Miler (Czechoslovakia, 1975)
The Mole and the Chewing Gum
"The Mole and the Chewing Gum" by Zdenek Miler (Czechoslovakia, 1969)
The Mole and the Green Star
"The Mole and the Green Star " by Zdenek Miler (Czechoslovakia, 1968)

"The Mole and the Music" - Poor Mole, his favourite piece of music has been broken and he is very upset. How will the other animals help him to find a replacement.

"The Mole and the Bulldozer" - The little Mole has a problem. A large bulldozer is intent on destroying his garden right outside his home. time to rally the troops.

"The Mole and Christmas" - Mole celebrates Christmas with his friends.

"The Mole and the Matchbox" - The Mole finds a matchbox and at first is unsure what to do with it.

"The Mole and the Lollipop" - The Mole finds a new thing, a lollipop. But what is it used for he wonders.

"The Mole and the Car" - Mole desires a car and his wish comes true when he finds a toy.

"The Mole and the Carpet" - Mole finds an old carpet but this is no ordinary carpet.

"The Mole and the Chewing Gum" - Mole finds some chewing gum and really wishes he hadn't. All his friends try in vain to help him get rid of it.

"The Mole and the Green Star" - Mole finds a piece of green glass shaped very much like a star. He tries to put it back in the heavens where he thinks it came from.

The Mole has become such an icon in Czechoslovakia childrens growing up, the animation was placed on several stamps used by the postal service.

Stamp of Ceska Republika Stamp of Ceska Republika

A lovely piece of animation from a truly great artist, illustrator and director - Zdenek Miler.


Story by J. A Novotný, H. Sekyrová, I. Klíma & Z. Miler

Music by M. Vacek & L. Fiser

Sound Illustrations by A Jedlicka, ing. A. Rípa

Animator Z. Miler

Animations by J. Doubrava, B. Mozísová, O. Kudrnác, Z. Bártová, K. Vodicková, V. Maresová, J. Hekrdia, A. Hamrlík, J. Vokoun, K. Strebl, B. Sejda & I. Ciharova

Director of Photography by Z. Hajdová & I. Masník

Edited by K. Masková & M. Látalová

Produced by J. Sbestík & V. Strnad

Screenplay by Z. Miler & I. Klima

Directed by Zdenek Miler

Anyone having memories, additions or suggestions, please email me at the address at the top of the page.