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The start of Moschops

Click on the above image to download the introductory music (zipped MP3 format).

Moschops was gentle animated adventure series about a small Dinosaur and his friends. The program was slotted in the children's lunchtime programs between 12:00 and 12:30 on a week day. Each episode lasted approximately Eleven a half minutes and was created by Ruth Boswell and Gregory Stewart, Filmfair London Presentations. I think the date for this program was 1983 but Moschops may have appeared in the 1970s with repeats being shown mid 1980s and early 1990s.

A friendly little dinosaur called Moschops

Episode guide

The First Flower. The sun rises on another day some 65-100 million years ago. Moschops is minding his own business when up pops a new thing. Something he has never seen before. The first ever flower. At first Flower is too shy to speak but is terrified when Moschops threatens to eat her.

Moschops sees a flower for the first time

Moschops has never seen a Flower before

What is this he has come across....?

Mr. Icthyosaurus and Moschops watch Flower

A new thing

Ally has never seen a flower before either

The young dinosaurs do not know what it is. They fear that Grandpa Diplodocus will trample on her.

Flower sings a haunting theme

Flower sings a haunting theme which captivates all the dinosaurs.

All's Well that End Well. Flower is feeling unwell. No one really knows why but each of the dinosaurs tries to make her feel better. Flower, now the centre of attraction, is so sick that the concerned young dinosaurs ask Mr. Ichthyosaurus to try and make her better by casting a spell.

A sick Flower

Flower is feeling unwell but how can Moschops and the others help her ?

Mr. Icthyosaurus in his pool

Can Mr. Icthyosaurus help flower?

Grandpa in the clouds

Grandpa is so huge that he gets lost in the clouds, but his movement in the clouds causes it to rain.

Flower feels better as it rains

Just what Flower needs to get well....Water

Night-time Sun. Moschops and Ally see a strange light in the sky but do not know what it is. Moschops and Ally get confused as to what the Sun is and what the moon is and when we see each of them.

Moschop's cave

Moschops comes out of his cave

Fiercest Dinosaur. Ally is nervous as his uncle decides it's time for him to practise being fierce. Ally is not sure he wants to but is frightened of angering his very fierce uncle - Uncle Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Uncle T Rex

Uncle Tyrannosaurus Rex

Both the young dinosaurs are also concerned that Uncle T-Rex might not like Flower so they try to hide her inside a small hut.

Flower charms even the most grumpiest of Uncles

Flower singing to Uncle Tyrannosaurus Rex

Flower totally captivates him with her singing, so much so the dinosaurs see a new side to their fierce uncle.

Moschop's cave

Moschops and Ally waking up inside their cave

Grandpa and Ally

Grandpa, Flower and Ally

To whom do these footprints belong ?

Moschops discovers footprints but whose could they be ?"...a monster", thinks Moschops.

Moschops and Ally fall over each other

Moschops and Ally fall over each other

All together for a group shot

All the Dinosaurs together with Flower


Designed......................Sue Marke

Animation.....................Martin Pullen

Editor...........................Robert Dunbar

Assisted by..................Andi Sloss Production

Co-ordinator................Barrie Edwards

Executive Producer......Graham Clutterbuck


Music...........................Daryl Runswick

FilmFair London Presentations 1983