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Click on the above image to download the theme music (mp3). Thanks to Andy Carr who kindly supplied me with the music.

Murun Buchstansangur was a gentle but most unusual animation, often shown as a gap filler between programs. Only one episode is presented here but I am sure I have more somewhere. The story concerned the life, loves and adventures of a little character who lived underneath the kitchen sink in a house on a street corner. I do not know what Murun was and I cannot for the life of me think of something which to compare him to. Needless to say his world was very different to ours in terms of the size. Murun was very small (you can get some idea of his size in the picture below which shows him beside a public telephone). He was not the only one of his kind as several of his species popped up in other stories. He also had family but they did not live with him. He had a lot of friends especially of the female variety, all of whom were human in form but similar in height / size to Murun. He interacted with most human sized objects e.g. phones and even went out to the theatre and restaurant. However, we never see any normal sized humans in any of the episodes. The series copyright was 1985 but I taped most episodes between 1994 and 1995 from Channel 4.


The kitchen home of Murun

Murun Buchstansangur

Each episode lasted approximately four minutes or so and was written and narrated by Timothy Ford.

Episode guide (only one to start with)

Problems problems.

Murun in bed Murun Buchstansangur cannot sleep. He is in a quandary. He does not know what to do about his problem. The problem is that he has promised to go to see a play with his boring old cousin Rossiter - a play that he did not particularly want to see. His other problem is that he also promised to go to a party with next door neighbour - a party he did not want really to go to. Both these events occurred tonight. He had to cancel one of them but which one.

He cannot sleep Murun's friend waiting for him

When Murun got up he found an old friend sitting outside waiting for him. How unexpected he thought!. They went for a walk in the country but it did not help as he kept on thinking about his problem. They went for walk by the river but still he had the same thing on his mind.

How unexpected thinks Murun A walk through the coutryside

He decided that he would phone the neighbour using a public telephone box, but the neighbour's phone was engaged. Murun and his friend thus went to the museum. He then thought that he should contact Rossiter but alas he did not know how to - what a terrible dilemma. They went to a restaurant for dinner. During dinner Murun looked at his watch and realised that Rossiter would be just going in to see the ghastly play.

Engaged tone At the museum Having Dinner

Later Murun and his friend went home and drank red wine and played chess together. He later thought that his next door neighbour would be just arriving at the party. He really felt rather awful but he thought he would do his best to make the most of the evening. Later as he lay in bed he pondered over the day's events what he had done. He soon came to the conclusion that when faced with two tasks - do neither as that way you avoid the possibility of making the wrong decision.

Playing Chess Problems problems Ah to hell with the problems!!


Ending Credits Ending Credits Ending Credits

Ending Credits Ending Credits Ending Credits

Ending Credits Ending Credits

Animation Lys Flowerday and Anne Whitford
Paint and Trace Supervisor Janet Hawkins
Production Co-ordinator Steve Flack
Backgrounds Lys Flowerday
Artwork Hierographics
Postrum Camera Bob Skeggs
Sound Trevor Barber
Editors Mike Murray and Keith Brookshaw
Producer Mary Swindale
Directed by Timothy Forder
Produced by Bevanfield Films for Channel Four MCMLXXXV