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The Pingwings - Written and Directed by Oliver

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The Pingwings - Written and Directed by Oliver Postgate

The Pingwings program is on the very edge of my earliest memories and even now I am not entirely sure I remember seeing it. For some reason I may have it confused with a sponge/felt penguin bathroom soap cover that seemed all the rage in those days (a bar of soap wrapped in an animal shaped sponge cover - ring any bells ?). Anyway "The Pingwings" was set in Berrydown farm (owned by Peter and Joan Firmin ?) between 1961 and 1965 and was created & directed by the brilliant Oliver Postgate. He later, along with the equally great Peter Firmin went on to create some of the greatest children's television productions ever produced - The Clangers, Bagpuss, Noggin the Nog, Ivor the Engine, Pinny's House, The Pogles and Pogles Wood & Tottie - The Story of a Doll's House. No one has even come close to reproducing their superb work.

The Pingwings concerned the day to day lives of four little woolen penguin type creatures called "The Pingwings." Mr. and Mrs. Pingwing had two children called Penny and Paul. A third Pingwing called baby Pingwing arrived later. The Pingwings moved around a little but had a house in the big barn. They ate Bumbleberry's for breakfast and spent their time wandering around the fields and the garden. Mr. Pingwing makes his entrance by being hung out to dry on the washing line after being washed. He was able to get himself down though when the need arises.

There were three series of the Pingwings each lasting around 8-10 minutes and made in black and white. They were first shown on ITV back in the early 1960s although they were first seen by television viewers somewhere in the South East of England. I am not entirely sure if the series ever made it up to Scotland.

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
The Happy Event Robinson Pingwing A Game of Spoonball
The Ice Cream Tree The Fish Moving House
The New House Mrs. Pingwing Buying and Selling
Baby Pingwing The Flying Bird Ice Cream for Tea
The Sorry Birds The Rag Doll A Proper Kitchen
The Seaside Visitors Mrs. Pingwing's Entertainment

Berrydown farm A Pingwing - Penny

Penny Pingwings sees her father hanging on a washing line Penny is searching for her father as she has something important to tell him

The family of Pingwings Mrs. Pingwing and her new Pingwing egg

The family of Pingwings The family of Pingwings at their first house


The Pingwings - Written and Directed by Oliver The Pingwings - Written and Directed by Oliver

The Pingwings - Written and Directed by Oliver The Pingwings - Written and Directed by Oliver

The Pingwings was written and directed by Oliver Postgate
Told by Oliver Postgate & Olwen Griffiths
The music was composed by Vernon Elliott
The music was played by Vernon Elliott & Sidney Sutcliffe
The film was made by Smallfilms

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