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The BBC Pinky and Perky driving into work

drving up the PPC entrance PPC TV enterprises

Pinky and Perky were first seen on British television in the 1960s. In the early 1960s the show began with driving along a road in London in their little car. They would then turn into the BBC. studios where Jimmy Thompson would be seen opening up a trap door. The boys (making a general assumption here) would then go down steps into the building. Made in black and white, the puppets were often seen along with a special guest star(s).

Episode Guide

Episode 1 (1964 B/W)

The General Assistant (Jimmy) of Pinky and Perky receives a phone call from the boss upstairs informing him that he must advertise a product on PPCTV. Pinky and Perky think it is advertising coconuts which gives them an excuse to burst into song I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. Jimmy stops them and informs them that this is not the case and they really have to advertise soap. After spilling some tea down his front he decides to use his own shirt as a test but needs a washing machine. Pinky and Perky suggest the large tea caddy but only after it has been emptied. This is a accomplished by Jimmy drinking lots of cups of tea and paying threepence a cup - money that goes straight into the piggy bank of Pinky and Perky. A very young Michael Aspel makes an appearance at the very end of the show.

Jimmy on the telephone Pinky and Perky advertising coconuts Dancing coconuts

Shave your coconuts here Drink up Elephant (unknow name) handyman

Cool sophisticated bunny Backing vocals Ringo Star lookalike ?

Board one Board two Board Three

The Soap advert A very..very young Michael Aspel

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Closing credits Closing credits

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