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Hosts of Play School throughout the ages (in no particular order).

The very first Play School
Gordon Rollings and Virginia Stride
Virginia in 1965
Virginia Stride
Gordon acting like a pig would
Gordon Rollings
Brian Cant
A very young Brian Cant (1964)
Brian in 1974
Brian Cant (1974)
Brian Cant in 1982
Brian (1982)
Anne Morrish
Anne Morrish (1967)
Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas (1983)

Carole Ward (1966)
Carole Ward 1976
Carole Ward (1976)
Chloe Ashcroft
Chloe Ashcroft (1982)
Delia Morgan 1978
Delia Morgan (1978)
Derek Griffiths
Derek Griffiths (1971)
Liz Watts 1984
Liz Watts (1984)
Eric 1966
Eric 1966
Phyllida Law 1965
Phyllida Law (1965)
Ian Lauchlan
Ian Lauchlan
Jennifer Nadan 1966
Jennifer Nadan (1966)
Johnny Ball
Johnny ball (1978)
(Zoe Ball's Dad)
Johhnie Silvo 1972
Johhnie Silvo (1972)
Julie Stevens
Julie Stevens
Lionel  Morton
Lionel Morton
Patrick Abernethy 1982
Patrick Abernethy (1982 )
Paul Danquah (1966)
Paul Danquah (1966)
Rick Jones 1966
Rick Jones (1966)
Sarah Long 1983
Sarah Long (1983)
Stuart McGugan 1978
Stuart McGugan (1978)
Terrence Holland
Terrence Holland (1966)
Toni Arthur 1975
Toni Arthur (1975)
Valerie Pitts 1966
Valerie Pitts (1966)
Wayne Jackman Carol Chell Marian Diamond

Don Spencer

Floella Benjamin

Jonathon Cohen
Brian Croucher
Fred Harris (1974)
Carol Leader Christopher Tranchell

Playschool Credits

Musicians William Blezard
Richard Brown
Jonathon Cohen
Philip Colman
Rudi Van Dyk
Graham Evans
Roger Fiske
Reg Flowers
Martin Frith
Martin Goldstein
Alan Grahame
Patrick Harvey
Harry Hayward
Peter Howland
Don Lawson
David Moses
Bill Nickson
Michael Omer
Peter Pettinger
Paul Reade
Winifred Taylor
Series Editor Cynthia Felgate
Location Camera Ian Hilton
Location Sound Jim McAlister
Videotape Editor Simon Ashcroft
Production Assistant Ingrid Taylor
Executive Producer Penelope Mills
Producer David M Jackson

In addition to all his the team still had time to release several records, one of which is shown below:

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