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Introduction to Portland Bill

Episode Guide

Tea and Jam tarts. Bill and Ross are in the engine room fixing a problem. Suddenly there is knock on the light house door. Finisterre is looking for Cromarty to begin a jam session in which they have formed a pop group. Everyone is surprised when Cromarty walks down the stairs dressed as a 70s groupie. All then go up stairs to listen to the awful music. The music has been going on for quite a while and is driving everyone mad. Dogger the dog is howling the lighthouse down as the noise got louder and louder. Bill and Ross decide to join the jamming boys to beat them at their own game. Ross plays on drums and then final Bill appears with Bagpipes. This is the final straw for Cromarty as they all agree that the music sounds awful.

Bill then takes Dogger in his boat to the mainland. Whilst Bill arrives at the mainland, Inspector Ronaldsway is arriving at the light house. Ross should have been washing the stairs but is lazily fishing the day away. Inspector Ronaldsway shouts hello to Ross and announces his inspection. He wants to know why Ross is fishing and not attending his duties. He has not come to see Bill but Ross and Cromarty and to check on their progress as light house men. What a mess upstairs he finds and no daily reports have been made. It is not looking too good for Ross and Cromarty until the inspector decides to leave and as he does a huge wind nearly sucks him out to sea but he is rescued by the two boys. Whilst having a nice cup of tea and some home made jam tarts the inspector forgets about the problems and leaves happily.

Bill rowing to the mainland Bill reaching the mainland {short description of image}

inspector shaken after nearly being lost at sea Bill surprised by the inspector Time for tea

The Treasure hunt. One sunny seaside day Bill is in his boat "The Puffin" checking lobster pots. He opens his lunch box and finds a note wrapped round his sandwiches. He reads it and finds that it is a note regarding the visit of the Head Light house keeper. He quickly gets his semaphore flags and tries to signal the lighthouse. Cromarty spots Bill outside and rushes to get his telescope. Bill's message reads "Head keeper organizing official visit end of June." Cromarty reads it as "Head keeper organizing fishing trip this afternoon." Cromarty is not very good at reading semaphore. He telephones the mainland to speak to Ross who is at Eddie stones village shop. Eventually the problem is resolved when Bill gets back to the light house.

Bill signalling the light house Cromarty and his metal detector Group of main landers on the coast

Cromarty goes with Bill to the mainland shop at Eddy Stones. Here he buys a metal detector with a lot of money and goes off in search of buried treasure.

The day of the Big Match. After completing tall their daily duties the three men (Bill, Ross and Cromarty) settle down to watch the football match on television but alas they cannot get a good reception on their TV. They are disappointed but decide to have a cup of tea. Edward Stone (the store keeper) arrives with the light house supplies and the post. He also has a parcel for Cromarty who rushes upstairs to open it. It is a weather station kit. But as he and Ross work with the kit he falls against the TV aerial which bends out of position. As Cromarty bends it back both he and Ross hear Mr. Stone cheer. They decide to go down to investigate. The tea was already made and the television was working perfectly for them to sit down and watch the football match. Any offers on who is playing ???

Problems with the tv reception {short description of image}

{short description of image} {short description of image}

Dogger saves the day. Bill goes to mainland with Dogger but as they get to the shore Dogger runs off. A hole in a pipe will flood the village if Bill and Finisterre do not prevent it. Dogger saves the day by getting E-Stone to help.

A ball of string can be a useful thing. Bill takes Dogger for a walk to the mainland whilst picking up a ball of string from Edward Stone's shop. "String is a very useful thing" he says to Edward, sheepshanks, reef knots and others can help me remember things. As he wanders through the village he helps Grandma Tyree fix her washing line. Two sheep Flotsam Jetsam escape from a field and Bill and Dogger are going to try and catch them when young Gail runs up. She is not concerned about the sheep but more worried about the escaped bull heading their direction. Bill sees no problem and catches Boomer the bull and attaches him to fence with a special knot. "A good lighthouse keeper has a knot for anything" he says to himself. He then runs into Fastnet the fisherman. He should be working out at sea but he is not very happy. His nets are full of holes. We'll mend your nets in no time. As he helps Fastnet, Bill puts a small piece of string around one of his fingers. He then returns to Stone's shop and remembers what he came in for - to buy a large ball of string as he's used all the other one up helping everyone else.

Boomer the escaped Bull All three together Smoke signals from the lighthouse

Other episodes...

Does anyone else remember more about a Portland Bill episode when they found an old wreck and transformed it into a studio for an artist. It features the Inspector eating jam tarts.

Each episode ended with the following closing captions.

{short description of image} {short description of image}

{short description of image} {short description of image}

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