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Opening fanfare The adventure begins...

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The Adventures of Sir Prancelot

The Adventures of Sir Prancelot follows the exploits of the heroic but somewhat eccentric Sir Prancelot and his household as they set off for the Crusades to the Holy Land. This animated tale originated from the same stable that produced "Captain Pugwash" which is evident from the pictures shown below. This five minute adventure ran for only nineteen episodes and was first aired in 1972. The ever talented John Ryan both designed and created the series and even adapted the scripts for a stereo record production. John has worn many hats throughout his career in film and television in terms of having written, produced, and directed programs.

Below is a picture of John Ryan and his daughter Isabel at a Captain Pugwash book signing around 1997 (many thanks to Isabel for the image)

Peter Hawkins supplied the voices for all of the characters to be found in the series. Several books were produced about the adventures of our gallant knight and the front cover of four of these can be seen below.

I recently was sent a few scans of a prototype Corgi toy Sir Prancelot (Many thanks to Mark Austin for the images and information.). The pics can be found here. These are from what is probably the only example of a Sir Prancelot toy which was abandoned when the series came to an end in the 1970s

The Sir Prancelot Annual 1972 The Sir Prancelot Annual 1973

Sir Prancelot Book 1972 (left) & Annual 1973 (right)

The Sir Prancelot Annual 1974 The Sir Prancelot Annual 1976

Sir Prancelot Annuals 1974 (left) & 1976 (right)

In addition to the many books, there were also three jigsaw puzzles - two of these are shown below and was produced by Arrow Games Ltd. in 1972.

The title of this puzzle was "Firing Practice."

Sir Prancelot - 30 piece jigsaw puzzle

The second one was called "A Present for Prancelot" (shown below), and "The Pop Concert" were also released in 1972.

Sir Prancelot - 30 piece jigsaw puzzle

We initially saw this program on Granada Television in the late 1970's-early 1980's, just before Granada Reports at 18:25 week days. Other people may have seen Sir Prancelot on BBC1 before the 17:45pm news.

News just in:

Phil has just supplied the following information. Sir Prancelot was first shown on Thursday 13th January 1972 at 17.44pm and continued five nights a week until Friday 25th February.

If you look at the episode listing below you will note, as we did, that there are twenty episodes, but only 19 are described. Episode 5 "A load of Hot Air" does not appear to have been made, as the series runs from 1 through to 4 and 6 through to 20. (There was no Part 5 as apparently it was John Ryan's "unlucky number"). There were a total of 32 episodes although only 19 are presented in the actual episode guide - the remaining are presented on page 3 of the Sir Prancelot pages). After Episode 20 - Ships of the Desert the following episodes were transmitted:

Episode Title Date Shown
21:A NICE CUP OF TEA 10th February 1972
22:COMMON MARKET 11th February 1972
23:FLYING CARPET 14th February 1972
24:OPEN SESAME 15th February 1972
25:HIGH TREASON 16th February 1972
26:HOMEWARD BOUND 17th February 1972
27:HURRY TO THE RESCUE 18th February 1972
28:GOLD FOR OTTO 21st February 1972
29:MYSTERY IN THE TOWER 22nd February 1972
30:BLAST OFF 23rd February 1972
31:SPLASH DOWN 24th February 1972
32:COMMAND PERFORMANCE 25th February 1972

Many thanks to Phil for doing the research and for kindly supplying me with the information.

A list of characters and rogues gallery, an episode list, summary and credits are presented below. For the more questing viewer, a complete synopsis and lots more pictures are also available, reached from the Episodes Table, by clicking on the appropriate title.

Even though nearly thirty years old, Sir Prancelot still remains one of the classics of our time.

Remember to see the final episodes details click below on the Sir Prancelot - Extras

Sir Prancelot Main Page Sir Prancelot - episode guide Sir Prancelot - extra material Sir Prancelot - Popouts Toys Sir Prancelot Action Art Set - 1971 Sir Prancelot - Little Books Series- 1972
The adventures of Sir Prancelot - Main Page Sir Prancelot - Episode Guide Sir Prancelot - Extras Sir Prancelot - Books / Popouts Sir Prancelot - Toys Sir Prancelot - Action Art Sir Prancelot - Little Book Series

Rogues Gallery List of Characters
Sir Prancelot Sir Prancelot, our hero and the guardian of Sim and Sue. He is concerned with "crazy notions, inventions and what have you's".
The Lady Hysteria The Lady Hysteria, wife of Sir Prancelot who believes that "there is nothing like steel wool next to the skin".
Sim and Sue Sim and Sue, the children, "a proper pair of little demons".
Master Gurth Master Girth, introduced as the Major Domo, the "mean old so and so" who administers the castle accounts.
The Minstrel The Minstrel who happily narrates to us the enfolding adventures.
Bert and Harry Serf Albert (Bert) and Serf Harold (Harry), two soldiers who are sent to carry out many plans.
Preparing for battle Other soldiers from Sir Prancelot's Household.
Pig William Pig William (or Pigwig), the Lady Hysteria's pet pig.
Count Otto the Blot Count Otto the Blot, (or Blotto) "a nasty piece of work".
Duke Uglio Duke Uglio, "proper mean, real nasty".

Episodes Table

Click on the appropriate episode title to see the full synopsis.

Episode No.



One Crumblecreek Crusade Sir Prancelot and his soldiers prepare for the Crusades, although he has many problems to overcome.
Two The Lady Hysteria Sir Prancelot's wife, "The Lady Hysteria" wants to go along on the voyage unaware the her husband does not want her there.
Three A Few Items of Baggage Some of Sir Prancelot's seige equipment is too big to get out of the castle, only by demolishing walls can it be brought outside.
Four A Weighty Problem Sir Prancelot is busy loading up the ship with his special equipment, unaware that the ship is slowly sinking under the increasing weight.
Six On the Rocks The ship is underway but later that night it runs onto rocks. The next morning the crew are met by a very familiar site.
Seven Count Otto Count Otto, sworn mortal enemy of Sir Prancelot attacks with his men and ship. Which piece of equipment will Sir Prancelot use to defeat the Count?
Eight Thunderstruck Sir Prancelot is showing off his new invention - a weather forecasting machine which does not do its job particularly well. This bodes ill for Bert and Harry.
Nine Landfall The ship reaches a foreign port which Sir Prancelot which he claims for the King. He is surprised when a Frenchman from customs demands to see the entire contents of the ship.
Ten Kidnapped Lady H is the centre of a kidnap plot, but Sir Prancelot would have paid the kidnappers just to keep her.
Eleven Hostile Enemy Intentions Bert and Harry are in charge of scouting the countryside as the Household and Sir Prancelot advance. What is the rustling they hear in the bushes?
Twelve The Haunted Watch-tower An old ruin of a Watch-tower is used as a resting place by Sir Prancelot and is Household. But is it haunted by the ghost of a former Baron?
Thirteen The Flight Count Otto advances at dawn with men and machinery. Sir Prancelot must use his most special invention to get his Household out of danger.
Fourteen Flying Crusade Sir Prancelot's balloon takes them over the Alps and into Italy where they encounter the Tower of Pisa. So how does the lean appear?
Fifteen Duke Uglio At the Court of Duke Uglio, Sir Prancelot and his Household must make the Duke smile in order to escape from the dungeons.
Sixteen An Ugly Affair Duke Uglio plans to kill all of Sir Prancelot's Household using poison. He secretly wants to steal Sir Prancelot's inventions and use them as his own.
Seventeen Behind the Times Sir Prancelot arrives at Crusader's Castle only to find that he is some fifty years too late.
Eighteen Not Cricket While enjoying a quiet game of cricket Count Otto appears again as he has been pursuing Sir Prancelot over land and sea.
Nineteen Balloon Blitz Count Otto and his men escape from Sir Prancelot's dungeon and steal the balloon. They then attack Sir Prancelot.
Twenty Ships of the Desert Sir Prancelot and the Household are now trying to make their way back to England and have to get the local travel agent to organise transport.

Are you really sure you don't want more information? Without reading the synopsis you will never find many facts, including:

What event defeated our hero?

Did our hero's inventions ever work?

And of course, you'll miss out on loads of delightful pictures, a small sample of which is shown below.

Soldiers asleep In the balloon Marching orders

And so our adventures end... with many, many loose ends. Alas, no follow up series was made or at least it never reached the television screen. Whether or not Sir P reached the shores of England was unknown until now - click here to read about the last thrilling episode as Sir Prancelot returns to Crumblecreek castle.

This series thoroughly deserves its place in our "Little Gems" pages as it remains a true children's classic of our time.

Program Credits:

Written and Produced by John Ryan

Story and Pictures by John Ryan Studios

Additional Ideas and Stories from Alison Watson

Filmed by Bura and Hardwick

Editor was Barry Shepherd

All Voices by Peter Hawkins (shown here)

Music by Alan Parker

Closing credits Closing credits Closing credits

Closing credits Closing credits Closing credits

Closing credits Closing credits Closing credits

Sir Prancelot Main Page Sir Prancelot - episode guide Sir Prancelot - extra material Sir Prancelot - Popouts Toys Sir Prancelot Action Art Set - 1971 Sir Prancelot - Little Books Series- 1972
The adventures of Sir Prancelot - Main Page Sir Prancelot - Episode Guide Sir Prancelot - Extras Sir Prancelot - Books / Popouts Sir Prancelot - Toys Sir Prancelot - Action Art Sir Prancelot - Little Book Series