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New Television Quiz - written by Dan (March 2005)

Quiz Master Dan is back again, this time with a new quiz on Children's television. As with the others, this is a True and False quiz but has an extra twist - see file for details.

The file can be downloaded here

Childrens Televison Quiz - 2

(470Kb Microsoft Excel file)

Dan has kindly written and supplied me with the first Little Gems Children's Television Quiz. The file is a Microsoft Excel file (hence you must have software capable of opening an XLS file. It is also quite large - 2Mb in length so go and make a cuppa if like me you are not on broadband.

The file can be downloaded here

Television Quiz

(2Mb Microsoft Excel file)

US Television shows Quiz - again written by Dan

This one concerns U.S. television shows, done in the same way as the classic kids television one (above). All the shows are from the last 50 years.

US Television Quiz

(1.4Mb Microsoft Excel file)

Football Logos Quiz - yet another one written by quiz master Dan (is there no end to this man's talent ?)

The next quiz concerns itself with English league football logos. Okay, it has nothing to do with children's television but what the hell, it looks a great quiz and will certainly stretch those of you who think you know your football. The logos are updated as of this season, and includes some that are badges of ex league clubs.

Football Logos

(900Kb Microsoft Excel file)

Comments and questions to the usual address but all credit goes to Dan for his hard work in putting it together. We can, if you wish, have a leader board for the highest scores, unless of course, you lot find it too easy and get 100%.