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The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

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Episode 1 (original BBC transmission 12th October 1965)

The adventure begins with a ship called the Esmeralda sailing on the high seas in a terrible storm. The waves are breaking very high over the ship and she in in serious trouble. On the deck, men everywhere are trying to stabilise the ship and get things tied down. They are fighting a loosing battle as some are washed overboard and others are crushed under fallen rigging. Our hero Robinson appears on deck and immediately tries to help the situation. He finds that no one is steering the ship. Soon they lose the ship and Robinson is washed overboard. He is a strong swimmer and eventually finds himself on a deserted beach. He finds the dead body of one of the sailing crew. He goes off in search of others and food.

The storm at sea Robinson appears on deck Robinson takes the helm

The storm gets worse Robinson awakes to find himself on land He is exhausted

He realises he has somehow survived Where is he though? He is hungry

We soon learn that the ship (now lost) was sailing from Brazil and heading for Guiana. The storm took the ship and crew by surprise in the Atlantic Ocean and had lasted for four days. He seeks food and water and eventually finds both. He speculates about where he is. He eventually looks for somewhere to sleep and ties himself to a branch, high up in a tree. He then thinks about the date - the storm started Sept. 12 1697 so today is Sept. 16th 1697. He left England five years ago and he now starts to think back to how it all began and how his desire for traveling led to his downfall. He loved the sea but was a very young man. His father was very rich having made his money through business and they lived in a big house in the city of York. Totally by accident while down at the beach, Robinson gets mixed up in smugglers operations. He is arrested but his father gets him off with a large fine and a bit of humiliation. His father is not happy at all and wants Robinson to choose a profession. His Father wants law but Robinson says that it disgusts him to be in such a trade. Never the less his father has arranged so that Robinson will begin a trade at a law firm.

Robinson asleep thinking of home Robinson is back in England five years ago The King's guards are watching whilst hidden in an old wreck

The smugglers approach The King's guard open fire Robinson is arrested

His father is furious Robinson will start work at a law firm

Further Episodes to come soon

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe - Part Two