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Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings

Narrated by Bernard Cribbins

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Episodes 1-12 of the first series are to be done soon:

Simon meets Henry

Simon meets the Teacher and the Children

Simon and the Chalk Drawing Band

Simon and the Moon Rocket Part One

Simon and the Moon Rocket Part Two

Simon and the Caveman

Simon and the Sea

Simon and the Chameleon

Simon's Double

Simon and the Elephant

Simon and the Football Match

Simon and the Return Match

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Season II
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Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings was produced in the early 1970s by FilmFair London Productions. It concerned the adventures of a small boy who had a magic blackboard in his bedroom. It was magical for one reason only - whatever Simon drew on his blackboard would appear in Chalk Drawing Land. Only Simon knew of this special place and only he could create the drawings for it. Many children have seen Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings on a program called Captain Kangeroo. I do not believe Captain Kangaroo and the Electric Company was actually seen on UK television as Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings had his own five or so minute slot on childrens television around tea time.

Chalk Drawing Land was found just over the fence which Simon normally entered by climbing a ladder. Occasionally the characters of Chalk Drawing Land would wait to meet Simon on the fence itself. Once on top of the fence, Simon was transported to the fantasy world of which everything was a chalk drawing except Simon.

This children's adventure normally lasting about five minutes.

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"Well you know my name is Simon,

and the things I draw come true,

Oh pictures take me, take me over,

Climb the ladder with you."

Simon's Town

The town where Simon Lives

knock knock

off to the fence

Simon heading off to the fence for another

adventure in Chalk Drawing Land


Simon School Teacher Chalk Land Children The train driver Henry

And so ends an enchanting little series beautifully scripted, drawn and adapted for television. Below are a few more images from this wonderful animated series.

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