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Stig of the Dump

Nigel sitting on wooden log

Nigel in the foreground of the image

Nigel Paterson was in the original cast of Stig of the Dump shown in 1981. He played one of the tribesman as can be seen in the images above. Nigel kindly agreed to answer a few questions regarding his time on the set.

Question 1 Were you always interested in acting at such a young age ?

Answer Interested in performing from the age of about three!! I'm a singer & a guitarist too. In the '60s I was part of a successful folk group called THE HALLIARD.

Question 2 How did you first come to be picked as an extra for Stig ?

Answer My agent sent me for an audition.

Question 3 Was this your first acting role for the television screen ?

Answer Not my first acting role for TV....can't remember the first!!!

Question 4 What was it like to be in the cast ?

Answer The cast were very friendly & helpful. The director was very open to my suggestions regarding "log drumming"!!

Question 5 How long did the costumes and make-up take to put on ?

Answer 2 to 3 hours each morning in a draughty field in, I think, Berkshire.

Question 6 How long did it take to film an episode ?

Answer Approx. 5 days.

Question 7 Did you meet the author of the book (Clive King) ? - did he appear on the set ?

Answer Didn't meet the author unfortunately.

Question 8 Did anything unusual happen when filming Stig of the Dump ?

Answer The animal skins were too shiny so make-up smeared hair-gel all over them & then rubbed cat litter into the goo to "dirty them down"!!!!!!!

Question 9 What other television roles did you appear in ?

Answer Can't remember all of them but here goes: THE CLEOPATRAS...THE SILVER CHAIR...TWO RONNIES...MAPP & LUCIA...DAVE ALLEN SHOW...NANCY ASTOR...BY THE SWORD DIVIDED...TRIPODS...KENNY EVERETT SHOW..several commercials as a featured artist.

Question 10 What happened to you after Stig ?

Answer Acting, singing, session work & writing books of guitar music.

Question 11 What are you doing now ?

Answer From 1984 onwards until the present, I have been running the music department in a large comprehensive school in Essex.

Many thanks to Nigel for providing an insight to the cast and shooting of "Stig of the Dump."