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The Tinderbox

The Story Part Two

The three scoundrels who have attached themselves to the soldier avoid paying money at every turn and use the soldier for his wealth. They soon desert him when the money has all gone and quickly make their excuses when the innkeeper demands payment. The soldier realises what a fool he has been. He agrees to move into a smaller room and that the innkeeper can pawn his new boots and clothes to repay some of the money he owes. The soldier sits in his small room now looking out of the small window. Hans visits him and brings him some of Master Schaft's home-made soup. Hans then leaves and the soldier is left trying to repair some of his shoes. The soldier tries to thread a needle but it is very difficult in his new room as it so dark. It is now that he takes the old Tinderbox off the desk and uses it to light a candle. As soon as he clicks it, the smaller dog Blackie appears in his room. The soldier is startled by the large dog's presence. He asks the dog for some copper coins. The dog vanishes and then returns with a bag of money. He then clicks the tinderbox again and the second dog appears. He again asks for some money and the dog reappears with a bag of silver. He then bids the largest dog to appear. It appears with a bag of gold already in its mouth but does not release it until the soldier promises not to waste it on idle men and things. The soldier then goes and pays the innkeeper the 15 florins he owes (counting them exactly this time). The trio of scoundrels then pretend that they put on an act when the soldier had no money but the soldier is having none of it. He wants nothing more to do with them. Hans arrives with some breakfast for the soldier. The soldier orders Hans some dumplings and bacon and a large bowl of raspberry pudding. He also orders a hamper to be made and sent round to for Master Schaft and a cake for his wife for all their kindness. The trio of scoundrels leave hastily knowing they will get no more of the soldier's money. The cook scolds the soldier for wasting time and money on the scoundrels and Hans reminds the soldier that he has done nothing to help free the poor Princess.

The souncrels use the soldier's generosity They are not true friends The money has all gone

Poor soldier is now broke The soldier is forced to move into a small room Hans arrives with some food

He strikes the Tinderbox Blackie appears with copper coins Money again

The soldier summons the smallest of the three dogs (nickname Blackie) and asks if he can see the Princess. He just cannot get her out of his mind and is determined that she should not be locked up and forced into marriage. Blackie vanishes and then reappears with the Princess. She is fast asleep but is smiling, the soldier kisses her. The next morning in the palace the King and Queen are horrified to hear that the Princess dreamt of a common soldier kissing her. They are determined that she will obey their orders, become a proper Princess and marry the Prince. They instantly order her to be taken under guard to her room.

The soldier and the Tinderbox Blackie returns with the Princess He kisses her

The King and Queen The Princess's only friend in the Palace The Princess tells the King and Queen of the soldier's kiss

That very night the soldier asks Blackie to go again and fetch the Princess. Blackie does as he is bid but as the dog returns carrying the Princess, he is followed but the nanny who follows them both back to the Inn. The clever nanny places marks an "X" in chalk on the door where the Princess was taken through and then returns to the Palace with the news. Blackie returns the Princess to her bedroom and awaits further instructions. The soldier asks Blackie to help him free the Princess. Blackie acts a bit strange as he gives the soldier a piece of chalk. Outside the soldier realises what has happened and so he places an "X" on every door in the town. The next day in the village, the King and Queen enter with a party of Palace guards. They are accompanied with the Nanny who has informed them of the "X." She comes to a door and identifies it but the King and Queen then see other doors with the chalk mark on it. Soon the realise that all the doors have an "X" on them and that somehow the Nanny has either messed up or the plan has been thwarted.

Later that night the Princess is sleeping She is being watched over Blackie carries the Princess to the Inn

The door has been marked The soldier marks all the doors with an "X"

The King and Queen arrive The King and Queen are not amused They leave when they realise they cannot identify the door

The Royal party returns to the Castle knowing they have been foiled. The soldier, however, is still desperate to rescue the Princess and so that very night he breaks into the Castle to see her. Most of the Castle guards are asleep, even those who are supposed to be still on duty guarding the Royal household. He enters the room where the Princess is sleeping and accidentally startles the bedroom maid who in turn wakes up the guards. The soldier tries to escape but is eventually overpowered by the guards and taken prisoner.

The soldier climbs the Castle gate The Soldier is captured No way to escape

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The Tinderbox
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