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Episode One - The Contest

Chieftain Halva and the other Vikings are returning to the village of Flake after a successful raid on another village. Halva is dismayed to see that his son Vicky has not turned up to meet him at the port and even further dismayed when he finds Vicky is in the woods being chased by a wolf. Halva reminisces how he dealt with the wolves when he was Vicky's age. All the wolves were very scared of the young Halva. Vicky eventually tricks the wolf and returns home. Halva tells Vicky of some of his brave deeds and of the attack on the village supposedly defended by 100 enemy soldiers (the truth is, it was only six) and there were three times as many Vikings. Halva boasts that in order to spare the enemy villagers lives, they gave him a huge sack of salt. Vicky's mother examines it only to find that the top of the bag is salt but the rest is sand. Vicky suggests that he should have tasted it from the bottom. Halva has had enough of hearing about brains vs brawn and decides to have a contest between himself and his son. The contest concerns the moving of large piles of rocks from one point near the village to a distant hill. Vicky agrees provided he does not have to use his fists.

The Vikings sailing home Approaching the village of Flake Unloading all the loot

Vicky being chased by a wolf Halva showing off all his takings to his wife

If Vicky wins the contest, his father will give mother a necklace made with the teeth of a swordfish but Vicky has another idea. He wants to go to sea with his father and all the other Vikings. Mother is not happy with this as she knows Vicky will win but the Chief gives his word. The day of the contest arrives and they reach have to move a pile of stones a large distance.

Competition time All the village turns out to watch

Vicky is too small to move all the heavy stones such a large distance so he sets about thinking up a plan while his father carries the boulders up the hill. Vicky eventually comes up with a catapult to hurl the rocks the entire distance. While his father hurries to complete the task Vicky simply fires the rocks using two trees and an old door. He wins the contest and his father agrees to let this the smallest of Vikings go to sea with him.

The catapult Vicky is the winner

The episode ends with Halva presenting his son with a small Viking helmet.

Flake as viewed from the top of a hill Vicky's helmet One happy little Viking

And so ends the first episode of this wonderful animated little adventure, delightfully drawn and coloured. Episode Two - The Trap is coming soon to this space.

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