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Wattoo Wattoo Wattoo Wattoo Wattoo Wattoo

Wattoo Wattoo

Wattoo Wattoo and his friends have been playing with the space craft since it entered the planet's atmosphere. Little did they know that the silly geese had managed to radio back to their home world and inform the authorities of what was going on. The planet definitely looks like Earth (even the continents look the same) so I guess the silly geese must represent us humans and our silly behaviour when it comes to the care and protection of our environment.

The home world of the silly geese Looks like Earth to me Mission control

The operator hears from the astrogeese Wattoo Wattoo playing - looks a bit like Jack from the shining. Mission control head quarters

The top geese officials are informed of what has happened to the space craft. The president himself leaves his state building and drives to mission control. Meanwhile back on Wattoo Wattoo's home planet, the silly geese have regained control of their ship and blast off back home. Wattoo Wattoo and company decide to follow (bit like dolphins and sailing boats). Soon Wattoo Wattoo arrives at the geese's home planet.

The President's Office He is made aware of what is happening The geese are getting ill

Time to fire retros and return home Wattoo Wattoo decides to follow They all head back home

The space capsule reenters planet's orbit and begins its descent through the atmosphere closely followed by the Wattoos. The parachute opens perfectly and the craft lands in the ocean. Nearby the rescuers are watching for the arrival of the space craft. Soon they are seen but so are the Wattoos, firstly on radar and then via binoculars. All ends well and so Wattoo Wattoo decides to stay and keep and eye on these silly creatures he has discovered.

Closely followed by Wattoo Wattoo Wattoo Wattoo is tracked on radar Splash landing

Geese navy are looking for the craft They spy the craft and friends

Wattoo Wattoo End credit Wattoo Wattoo End credit

Wattoo Wattoo Credits

Written by Hubert Ballay and Rene Borg
Music Hubert Ballay
Director Rene Borg

Wattoo Wattoo would then swim to the bottom of the sea where a giant clam would close and so would end a very strange animation, great to watch and fondly remembered when you were a kid but still very strange. I believe that you can still purchase Wattoo Wattoo from Amazon over on the French site but not too sure of quality and content. Anyone having flashbacks, memories, thoughts, corrections etc. please send to me at the usual address.

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