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Intro Credits - Ziggy's Gift Intro Credits - Ziggy's Gift Intro Credits - Ziggy's Gift

Intro Credits - Ziggy's Gift

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Intro Credits - Ziggy's Gift Intro Credits - Ziggy's Gift Intro Credits - Ziggy's Gift

Intro Credits - Ziggy's Gift Intro Credits - Ziggy's Gift Intro Credits - Ziggy's Gift

Little Gems - Ziggy's Gift

I first saw this wonderful little animation around the late 1980s. Ziggy's Gift was made for television around 1982 and was directed by Richard Williams. The character was created by the brilliantly talented Tom Wilson from the comic strip "Ziggy." This is a classic Christmas tale that should be shown every December of year year. Alas, it has not been seen on British television since around 1994 (feel free to correct me here but I do look for it ever Christmas). Ziggy is a single bloke who lives with his only companion, his dog in a small flat like apartment. As it is Christmas, Ziggy wants to do what he can to help the poor and the needy during the festive season and so he takes on a job as a street Santa. This heartwarming 24 minute animation was so outstanding in its drawing/painting, scripting and theme that it won the an Emmy for "Outstanding Animated Program" - "Ziggy's Gift" (ABC) 1982–1983 Awards. It's a shame they do not make them like this anymore. Thanks to Tom Roth for help wit the credits.


The Policeman
Police Officer
The Thief
The Thief
The Butcher
The Butcher
The Children
The Foster Children
The Foster Lady
The Nice Lady
Crooked Santa
The Crooked Santa
News reader
The News reader
The crooked Santa boss
The Loan Shark
(looks suspiciously like the news reader))

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Created and Written by Tom Wilson
Announcer's voice John Gibbons
Butcher's voice Tony Giorgio
Officer O'Conner's voice Tom McGreevey
Crooked Santa / burglar Richard Williams
Other Voices David Arias, Perry Botkin
Animators Tom Roth, Eric Goldberg, Sue Kroyer, Terry Lennon, Kevin Petrilak, Cynthia Prince, Lenord Robinson, Tom Sito, Bob Treat and Barry Temple
Assistant Animators Kathi Castillo, Stephen Hickner, Jim Logan, Rick Maxi, Bonnie Martbecks, Tom Mazzocco, Alissa Myerson, Joe Roman, Bob Shellhorn, Don Selders and Amanda Wilson
Background Artist Jean-Maxime Perramon
Ink and Paint Supervisors Laura Craig and Ramona Randa
Painters Bonnie Blough, Karen Burrell, Karen Comella, Lynn Diederich and Annette Vandenberg
Camera Visual Arts
Video Testing John Blough and Jeff Hirota
Editor Charlie King
Sound Gary Alexander
Music and Lyrics by Harry Nilsson
Scored and Conducted by Perry Botkin Jr.
Art Direction Eric Goldberg
Excutive Producer Lena Tabori
Produced by Tom Wilson, Richard Williams and Lena Tabori
Director of Animation Eric Goldberg
Directed by Richard Williams & Eric Goldberg

End Credits - Ziggy's Gift

If I have the incorrect spelling(s) of any of the cast members, then please email me and I will be happy to correct. I was looking at a video that is nearly 20 years old.