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Thanks to Greenman for additional information

The Banana Splits were a bunch of furry, zany creatures (actors inside costumes - in case anyone didn't know, sorry to break it like this to you) whose presence on Television (BBC1 we seem to remember) made Saturday mornings (and then again in the School Summer Holidays) in the 1970s extra special. Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky were the names of the Banana Splits and they lived in what looked like a basement apartment although it did have a back door.

Fleegle was voiced by Paul Winchell who also did the voices for Dick Dastardly, Gargamel and Tigger. Sadly Paul died a short time ago.

Fleegle Bingo

Drooper Snorky

At the start of each show all the banana splits would arrive via unexpected routes such as down the fire pole, down a slide shoot etc. They would then spend a few minutes bumping into each other and objects before Fleegle (the leader) would bring everything to order by bashing a huge Mallet causing everyone to fall over.

Order, Order

Included in the show were songs, advice, jokes and guests such as the Sour Grape Bunch, the Cuckoo Clock etc. It also had several spots which were shown on many episodes, including Dear Drooper, Secret Password, Drooper take out the Trash, Now it's Riddle Time and Hold the Bus. There were probably many more but our source material does not have them and our memories are getting very poor.

Take the trash out Drooper

Take out the Trash Drooper

There was also the slot with the two little girls playing guitars who kept on playing when a window or door was opened.

Charlie from the Sour Grapes Bunch

"Say, what time is it cuckoo ?" The Cuckoo Clock

"Say, what time is it Cuckoo ?"


Never knew the name of this character

Several cartoons and live action programs were also included in their shows. These included:

There were others but these were the main ones that we remember watching as children. If anyone remembers other items then please let us know and we will gladly place them on the site. This page, although shows the Banana Splits themselves, is mainly to pay homage to the little cartoon shows that accompanied the show. Hence it will concentrate on "The Three Musketeers" and "The Arabian Knights." These shows can be seen in detail by following the pages marked below.

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The Three Musketeers Micro Adventures The Lost Island
The Arabian Knights
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"Joining the Knights"
The Three Musketeers Micro Adventures
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Danger Island
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Please remember that this was a show watched on British Television in the 1970s and may be different to that seen by other countries. Hence if we have got something you think is wrong, please bear in mind that our factual / image material is strictly limited to that obtained from British sources.