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The Arabian Knights was a core cartoon of the Banana Splits. It was a time of magic and mystery and concerned the adventures of a group of rebels who were trying to overthrow a tyrant, free the people and bring truth and justice for all.

Main Characters seen in the Arabian Knights

Prince Turhan
Princess Nida
Princess Nida
Fariek (?) the Magician
Fariek the magician

Rasime (?) the Great
Raseem the Great

Bez - Size of a.....

Zazuum the Donkey
Zazuum the donkey

Vangar (?)
The evil Vangar

Bakaar the evil Sultan
Bakaar the evil Sultan

Bakaars' Guards

Episode 1

In the very first episode the city of Baghdad was ruled by a young Prince called Turhan. His city is taken from him by the the evil Sultan Bakaar and his loyal big bad guy Vangar (spelling may be incorrect here). Turhan escapes from the city with the help of a magician called Fariek who changes them both to blue wisps of smoke. They then make their escape via a flying low table - Fariek was fresh out of carpets.

The evil Vangar The evil Bakaar Palace break in

They escape via magic smoke And then via a flying table The Blue Cave

After escaping the baddy guards once more the pair find themselves in a vast cave where they are met by an unfriendly colossus called Rasime the Great. He is a huge man with elephant like strength. After first being hostile to the pair he soon becomes friends when he finds out that they are enemies of the Sultan Bakaar. All three decide to try and find Turhan's cousin Princess Nida and his Uncle the Kalif. They travel to the city on a small donkey called Zazuum. On this journey we find out that Zazuum's tail must not be pulled as he goes berserk and becomes a small tornado. They arrive at the city to find both are prisoners of the Sultan. The Princess is being sold in the market but is quickly rescued. The four find themselves trapped by guards but are rescued by a new friend called Bez. Bez has the ability to change shape into any animal. He transforms himself into an elephant and so the five escape the guards. As Zazuum tries to escape a guard grabs his tail and what a mistake that was.

Racime the Great A trio of friends Riding on Zazuum

First appearance of Bez Size of an Elephant

One donkey's tail that shouldn't be pulled Head aches are us

They form the Arabian Knights The rebels are united

The End

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