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Booby Trap by Action GT

This was originally a Waddington's game as I have an old wooden copy of it somewhere. The plastic version shown below was released early 1980s (my copy being an Action GT (games and toys limited) release in 1981). The differently coloured (red blue green) happy faces are placed on the yellow plastic board only after the red lever is dragged to the opposite ends. The red lever is on an elastic band which provides tension and you take it in turns removing a piece at a time. The larger red pieces are worth 3 points, green worth two points and the smaller blue ones worth 1 point each. As each piece is removed the tension in the band forces the red plastic lever back towards the other plastic faces. If you remove a piece and the hand does not pop up then you get to keep the piece and the point that go with it. If the hand pops up then you lose the points and the hand is then reset for the next attempt. All in all a nice little game of the kids. definitely useful as a stocking filler at Christmas. Cannot for the life of me remember how much it retailed for but I can be picked up quite cheaply now (second hand of course). Nice addition though to the pages.

Booby Trap Front Cover

Front of the Booby Trap box - I wonder what these two children are doing now ?

Booby Trap

Main components of the game all setup

Booby Trap Rules

Instructions under the front cover (best place for game rules to be - that way they do not get thrown out with the Christmas wrapping paper by mistake)

Cascade by Matchbox

One of the first games my sister received for Christmas that I actually wanted. Took me until Boxing Day and a couple of selection boxes to get it though - big mistake...Big. After consuming the sweets and chocolate she then complained that I had pinched her game and despite my protests and loads of empty wrappers she got it back again.

Anyway great game produced my Matchbox. The object of the game was to take your 10 metal ball bearings and with the aid of the helterskelter which drew them up through the column, produce the highest score. The balls when at the top of the yellow twirly thing, would then roll down the slope and start bouncing off the rubber trampolines and end up at the other end. After three clear bounces (useless on a carpet or uneven surface as they bounced all over the place, usually ending up under the sideboard or some other inaccessible place), the balls would score points in the scoring zone (some channels had points awarded to them and the balls remained there). Other balls would not score anything and would travel around the back of the scoring zone and out the side, conveyed all the way to the yellow twirly thing by a long red plastic channel. The balls would then go back up and come out get the picture now. Anyway at the end when all the balls were caught, the total would be added up and then it was someone elses turn. Nice game, great idea and provided hours of fun. One small drawback was the lifetime expectancy of rubber trampolines. One of ours lasted a day after the cat punctured it (luckily the game came with a spare). The rubber definitely lost its bounciness over the years and after being in the loft for about 10 years, the rubber had all but decayed.


Cascade box - top

Cascade - side box

Cascade box - side


Cascade - yellow twirly thing


Cascade - base control


Cascade - rubber trampolines


Cascade - The scoring zone (note the side arm for returning balls)

When it was all put together it looked like this.....


Cascade - full game setup

Cascade - rules

Cascade - basic rules

Check back soon to see more classic games from the 70s and 80s.

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