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Cloppa Castle as it was

Little Gems - Cloppa Castle

Episode I - Spring is Sprung

Breakfast has still not arrived and the Queen is most annoyed. She heads over to the kitchen to find that there is a problem with the oven and that Mudlin the Wizard has been unsuccessful at producing breakfast via magic. She heads off to find the castle inventor and only brains in the place, Cue -ee-dee. He is busy making a new weapon for the war against the Hasbeenes. The weapon appears to be working correctly as it promptly send him through the ceiling and out of the castle. Pretty soon it is time for battle and as usual the Hasbeenes are up to no good in the never ending attempt to take the castle and grab the oil. The battle commences with the Hasbeenes trying to break down the castle gates with a battering ram. Cue-ee-dee's machine saves the day by springing all the enemy soldiers out of the castle. Beosweyne makes his usual threat to take the castle as he flies backwards over the tree tops.

Cue-ee-dee and Albright are preparing a new kind of weapon The jester is entertaining the court The Hasbeenes are preapring to attack

They have a huge battering ram Some one is throwing rose petals at the enemy - they all stop to have a look at who it is. Prncess Tizzi is the culprit

The device is ready for use in the battle The Hasbeenes are sent right back out of the castle The Byegones have won the day - this time

Episode II - It's a Gift

It's a Gift

The Queen is awoken by a terrible smell coming from the castle dungeons. She goes off to investigate and finds Cue-ee-dee and albrite busy in the basement. She tells them to get rid of the foul odorous chemical (dandelion wine gone bad). They try several places but then Cue-ee-dee thinks of sending it into space using a rocket. The next day, the Hasbeenes are at it again, this time a cunning plan to get into the castle and steal the oil is only thwarted by a quick thinking albrite. The Queen receives an unusual gift - a large wooden elephant. She believes it to be a peace offering from her enemies and allows it inside the castle. What she does not know is that the enemy is inside the gift and are intending to steal the oil reserves. Later that night the Beosweyne produces a huge drill out of the elephant and into the ground. It goes right through the earth and ends up very near albrite. albrite realises what is happening and ensures the nasty wine is sucked up from the barrel. albrite the saves the day by attaching a rocket to the wooden elephant as it tries to make a getaway. He then gets the guards to open the castle gates as the elephant containing the Hasbeenes blasts through it. Poor Beosweyne and his men crash into a tree and end up covered in stinking Dandelion wine.

Cue-ee-dee and Albright are busy removing all the bad wine The smell is so bad it has woke the Queen up from her sleep The Hasbeenes are preparing a new form of attack

The Hasbeenes drill comes very close to Albright Albright attaches a rocket to the wooden gift The Hasbeenes lose yet again

Episode III - The Bruda Banger

The Bruda Banger

Queen Ethelbruda is in her chariot but it is being pulled by two of the castle soldiers. As they get to the castle they are worn out and so the Queen demands they be replaced. Elbow goes to speak to the King as he is concerned that his men will be unfit to defend the castle against the Hasbeenes. Mudlin remembers a four legged animal that used to pull chariots but he does not know where to find one. He suggests that the Queen go and see Cue-ee-dee and get him to make a special machine to pull the chariot. Cue-ee-dee sets about the planning and construction of such a device. He works on into the night and all the noise keeps the castle residents awake. The noise is so bad that it keeps up the Hasbeenes as well. The leader Beosweyne is not very happy but goes off to investigate and the next morning he plans an attack on the castle. That very same morning, however, Cue-ee-dee as completed his task and presents his new chariot to the Queen. She is overjoyed and takes it out for a spin. The castle doors open just as the Hasbeenes charge with their battering ram. Well you can guess the outcome of this story.

The Queen has exhausted the men by having them pull her chariot Elbow pleads the case to the King What's all this noise complains Beosweyne

The next morning everyone is eager to see what has been the cause of so much noise in the night Poor Beosweyne ends up on his head yet again Beosweyne looks on as the Queen dashes around in her new chariot

Episode IV - A Champion for Tizzibel

A Champion for Tizzibel

The King is furious at how much Princess Tizzibel is costing him. He decides that she should be married off. A tournament of Knightly competitions is thus planned. Unbeknown to the Byegones, Beosweyne and his right hand man Hench, are planning to enter the tournament. A mysterious black knight appears and defeats all who go up against him. He eventually wins the tournament and then to the horror of all watching, he reveals himself to be Beosweyne. He demands to be moved into the castle with his servant in order to go ahead with the wedding ceremony the next morning. Later that night, Cue-ee-dee and Orbright try to frighten him out of the castle but they are foiled when the bed collapses. The next morning, the wedding is almost complete when Cue-ee-dee and albrite save the day by showing up with Beosweyne's wife. She beats him about the head and escorts him out of the castle.

A contest for the hand of Princess Tizzibel is announced Beosweyne and Hench over hear Knights will be scored using the following criteria

Let the contest begin with no biting, hair pulling or bad language The Black Knight's victories soon start piling up Elbow and Mudlin score the contest

The Black Knight is way ahead The masked Black knight is revealed to be Beosweyne himself Cue-ee-dee and Albright try to frighten Beosweyne

Beosweyne is not afraid of any ghost The morning of the marriage

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