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Little Gems - Earthfasts by William Mayne

Earthfasts by William Mayne Earthfasts by William Mayne

Earthfasts by William Mayne Earthfasts by William Mayne

Earthfasts by William Mayne Earthfasts by William Mayne

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Earthfasts adapted for television by Marilyn Fox

Episode Three

Keith and David try to put everything they know about the strange events happening in the village. They are not sure how to go about informing the authorities that it is a band of giants who have been stealing pigs. David goes to a phone box and telephones the local police. He is careful about masking his voice with a handkerchief. He tells them to look on the hills and then puts the phone down. Keith then cleans up the phone so no finger prints remain. Later the two come across a policeman outside another farm from which pigs have vanished. The policeman gives them permission to go into the field to have a look for a school project. David and Keith find huge footprints in the grass.

Keith is worried and does not like what they have found. The footprints lead back into the hills. The two boys follow the footsteps back to their original source. All along the way they find further evidence of broken branches, disturbed bushes and smashed fences. At the top of the hill in some old ruins they find the bones of a killed pig which has been roasted and eaten. David feels ill at the thought but is startled to see the policeman behind them. The boys are taken back to the police station. Meanwhile at the boy's school, the headmaster is telephoned by the police to say the boys have been taken into custody on the suspicion of pig rustling.

At the police station the sergeant asks the boys about how they knew where the pigs were. The boys explain that they just tracked them The policeman thinks the boys know more that they are telling but tells them they can go. They were never under arrest in the first place. Later Keith goes to see David who is experimenting again with the candle. David seems a little obsessed with it. He feels strange, desperate about the candle. David does not understand but cannot stop looking into the candle. David tells Keith that he can see shapes moving and appears to be in some form of trance. Keith stops the ranting when he puts his hand in front of the flame. Keith realises that David is in some form of danger and that the candle was behind it all. The next day the boys head of to the farm to investigate the Jingle stones. Before they arrive at the farm they find that the standing stones have vanished. At Swang farm though the Boggart is busy, moving chairs and the like. The Boggart then jumps onto David's lap and takes a saucer of milk. It then throws the saucer at Keith. Outside in the barn Uncle Frank meets the boys who tell him about the Boggart liking David but not Keith. Uncle Franks calls the Boggart a lazy little rascal and is promptly hit on the head with a pile of hay. David orders the Boggart to put it back, and to the amazement of Uncle Frank and Keith, the hay swiftly returns to the stack.

The boys and Uncle Frank then go outside as he has some sheep to move. The boys run along up the hill to the top where David starts to see more things. Keith starts to get frightened as David tells him he must look into the candle. David runs to the top and extends his arms out. The clouds start to blacken, a storm is coming. Suddenly a light appears to envelope David and he vanishes in a burst of light. Keith sees the flash but then can no longer see David.

The Story (click on the images below to follow the drama as it unfolds)

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Earthfasts by William Mayne