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Little Gems - Earthfasts by William Mayne

Earthfasts by William Mayne Earthfasts by William Mayne

Earthfasts by William Mayne Earthfasts by William Mayne

Earthfasts by William Mayne Earthfasts by William Mayne

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Earthfasts adapted for television by Marilyn Fox

Episode Four
Uncle Frank sees the two boys on top of the hill. He sees a bright flash of light and then Keith falls down and David has vanished. David is taken down to the Swang's farm and is in bed when he is told that David was struck by lightening and is dead. Keith is stunned but falls back asleep. The next morning he goes down hardly believing that David is dead.

Uncle Frank tells Keith that there was nothing left after the lightning strike. David had vanished completely from the top of the hill. Keith's dad arrives in a car to take Keith back home. Later Keith decides to go to school but his mum tries to persuade him not to. At the school, during the assembly, the headmaster tells the rest of the school children what has transpired. He tells the children that they must help Keith and not tease him about things he spoke of when he was taken off the hill. Keith hears all this from a side door and decides not to go into school. The other children are very upset after learning of David's death.

Keith heads up into the hills and goes to the spot where the lightning strike happened. There he meets a policeman and asks him what he is doing as he should be back home resting. Keith goes up to the very spot and then falls onto his knees. Keith starts to see and feel what David felt, a time long a go. He starts to understand what David and Nellie Jack John could see. The policeman takes Keith back home. Keith goes to see Dr. Wix who is sat at home in the kitchen. Dr. Wix is please to see him and examines him. Keith asks about things he may have said about Giants and stuff when on the mountain. Dr. Wix explains about shock and how somethings deep in the mind can appear. Keith asks to go up to David's room to fetch an item. He looks through the journal David was keeping and shows it to Dr Wix. Keith does not know what is going on but Dr. Wix has to go to his surgery. Keith keeps the file and then goes home. Before he leaves the home he takes the candle which is still burning.

Later that night David dreams of stones moving and of horses charging and awakes suddenly. He knows the candle is behind it all but still does not have all the facts. He covers the candle up and goes back to sleep. The next morning, the inquest into David's death takes place. Constable Hunter gives evidence regarding what he found upon being called to Swang Farm. Keith meantime is not listening and starts thinking about the candle. Keith can hear it calling to him. Keith starts looking into the flame. He thinks it is unlucky but was behind the vanishing of David. Keith continues to think about things whilst others give evidence at the inquest. One of the witnesses comes forward but does not wish his name to be given on the grounds that he was on the moor stealing turf. When asked what he saw, he tells the inquest that David was taken by a huge light but that inside was a man on horseback. Keith then gives his evidence based on facts as he understood them.

Afterwards, Keith returns with Dr. Wix to his house. Dr. Wix tells him that he is thinking of going away forever. He lost his wife and now his son and that Australia may be the place to go. Dr.Wix is told by Keith that he does not think David is dead. Keith continues that David may be trapped in time somewhere. Keith then heads home but is stopped by the sounds of men on horseback charging around him. He goes home as fast as a can and goes to get the candle. He looks into the flame and hears the old man telling the boys about Nellie Jack John and than no funeral was held for him as he vanished without trace. He then hears David voice recanting the tale of King Arthur sleeping under the hill with all his knights waiting. Keith stands at his bedroom window with the candle. Keith finally begins to understand what is going on and what he must do.

The Story (click on the images below to follow the drama as it unfolds)

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Earthfasts by William Mayne