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© Michael Cole Estate, by kind permission.

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Little Gems - Fingerbobs

A strange but true little gem of a children television show. Fingerbobs was the wonderful creation of two quiet giants of childrens television - Joanne and Michael Cole. Together they also brought us the immortal Bod, Gran and the legendary Fingermouse (see below). Fingerbobs played a key part of my children's television diet as I moved from primary to secondary school in the mid 1970s. I believe the show first got a showing in 1971 (please fell free to correct me here) and was repeated many times on the BBC. It found a regular home at lunchtimes on BBC2 at around 13:30 on a week day, very similar slot to another classic show "The Herbs." There were only 13 episodes ever made, although it seems a lot more (a bit like Mr. Benn here). The episodes were a combination of live action, stop motion animation and other animation. Although aimed at preschool, it attracted groups of viewers from all ages. Rick Jones had been previously seen on Playschool (hence the name Yoffy).

The shows revolved around the stories & adventures of Fingermouse, Scampi, Gulliver, Flash and a whole host of other puppet creatures (most if a not all can be seen below).

In 1985 a new series was brought into production starring Fingermouse. It was actually named after him but was a different type of show compared to the original classic Fingerbobs.




Gulliver the Seagull


Scampi and fingermouse

Flash the tortoise

The Cat

Scampi and all his girl friends

Enoch the Woodpecker

George, Herbert & Alistair - The worms

The Peacock

Prickly friend - The Hedgehog

The Birds in the tree

Louise the Squirrel


Scaredy The Crow

Curly the Sheep

Mrs. Mouse - Gloria (fingermouse's wife perhaps)?

Mr. Mouse - Henry or is it a flirty Fingermouse

Twit the Owl


Songs of the Fingerbob characters

Fingermouse Lyrics Fingermouse, Fingermouse
The never stop to think a mouse
The always on the brink a mouse
Fingernouse, that's me
I am the mouse called Fingermouse
The mouse with guts and verve
I get past cats so easily with my favourite body swerve
Fingermouse, Fingermouse
I'm a sort of wonder mouse
A hit, a miss, a blunder mouse
Fingermouse, that's me

Gulliver Lyrics I like to rise and spread my wings
Right upon the breeze
I like to soar and spread my wings
Above the roofs and trees
And then to swoop down, down into the town
Fold my wings behind my back
And see what's going on...
Flash lyrics Slowly, steadily, I move at my own pace
They call me Flash though I won't dash
Who wants to run a race ?
As long as I get there, why worry ?
What's the hurry, yawn......
Yoffy Lyrics Yoffy lifts a finger
And a mouse is there
Puts his hands together
And a seagull takes the air
Yoffy lifts a finger
And a Scampi darts about
Yoffy bends another
And a tortoise head peeps out
These hands were made for making
And making they must do
Scampi lyrics A flick of a tail
I swim in the sea
With haddock and plaice and dabs
I wriggle on rocks
With my little legs
Plus lobsters and limpets and crabs
My name is Scampi
Scampi, that's me
I live on a hand in the sand
By the sea

Episode Titles were as follows:

Gulliver's Stories Bumpy
Scampi's Stories Sounds
Fingermouse's Stories String
Flash's Stories


Story Design by Joanne Cole & Michael Cole
Yoffy played by Rick Jones
Music by Michael Jessett
Animation and Design Maureen Lonergan
Dubbing Mixer Derek McColm
Photography John Abbott
Director Michael Grafton-Robinson
Q3 London Production


The later series of Fingermouse shown in 1985 was a very different arrangement. The original architects of Fingerbobs were still present but it is interesting that the team was very much bigger. This seems to have happened with all childrens programs e.g. Smallfilms material.

Fingermouse (spin off series 1985)

With Iain Lauchan & Jane Hardy
Music Richard Brown, Clem Alford & Tony McVey
Puppets created by Joanne Cole
Graphics Clare Beaton
Lighting Ken McGregor
Sound Derek Miller-Timmins
Technical Co-Ordinator Clive Leighton
Production Team Ann Carter, Lydia Frankenberg & Moira Kean
Designer Richard Brackenbury
Producer Michael Cole
© BBC 1985

© Michael Cole Estate, by kind permission.