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The Herbs was a superb children's' lunch time program shown around 13:30 on BBC2 in 1968. The animation was very much in the style of the Clangers or Bagpuss and is on an equal level in terms of classic cult children's television (my opinion will no doubt clash with others).

The Herbs concerned the adventures of a bunch of characters most of which were represented by herbs. The stories had a core of individuals who were always present but each story sometimes introduced new characters as it went along. The adventures took place in a beautiful garden behind a large wall. We are introduced to the characters and their garden world at the start of each episode by the opening of a large door that shields the inside. Parsley the lion usually said good bye at the end, always nearly catching his head in the door as it closed.

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Only by saying the magic we get the door to open into the world of the Herbs !

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The Garden Door

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The view through the Garden Door

The Herbs Character Guide

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