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Flash Gordon was one of the mostly fondly remembered serials from childrens school holidays of the 1970s. It was always on first thing in the morning just like Belle and Sebastien. The first film serial was made in 1936 and called Flash Gordon. Flash, Ming and Dr Zarkov returned in many other films in the series but quite often characters such as Dale Arden (originally played by Jean Rogers), Prince Barin (originally played by Richard Alexander) and Princess Aura (originally played by Priscilla Lawson) left and were replaced by new actors. Soon to follow was Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (This was recorded off TV many moons ago and will be done at a later date). The third in the series is presented here and is Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe. This twelve part serial was made in true Flash Gordon style with many of the special effects used in the previous serials.

The plot is typical. Ming the Merciless is hell bent on destroying the Earth (yet again). This time his rocket ships have been depositing a purple dust into the Earth's atmosphere and it is killing the human population. The only characteristic of the death is a purple spot on the forehead. Flash Gordon and Dr Zarkov head to the planet Mongo to try to find a cure for the plague as they are sure that Ming is behind it.


Flash Gordon

Dale Arden

Emperor Ming the Merciless
Dr Zarkov
Dr Zarkov
Princess Aura
Princess Aura
Prince Barin
Prince Barin
Ming's chief scientist
Ming's chief scientist (mad!!)

Captain of the palace guards
Captain Torch


General Lupi of Frigia

Ming's spy Sonja
Queen Frigia
Queen Fria of Frigia

The World of Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless

Rocket ships
The rocket ship
Rocket ship landing
How did we miss this from up there?
Prince Barin's Palace
Ming's Palace
Ming's Palace on Mongo
Ming's place
Inside Ming's Palace
Ming's laboratories
Ming's Laboratories

Ming's torcher chamber
Ming's communication center
Mongo Communication center
Frozen Kingdom of Frigia


Flash Gordon Larry "Buster" Crabbe
Dale Arden Carol Hughes
Emporer Ming Charles Middleton
Dr Zarkov Frank Shannon
Prince Barin Roland Drew
Princess Aura Shiley Deane
John Hamilton
Sonja Anne Gwunne
Herbert Rawlinson
Tom Chatterton
Roka Lee Powell
Captain Torch Don Rowan
Thong Victor Zimmerman
Turan Edgar Edwards
Ben Taggart
Michael Mark
Earl Dwire
Harry C Bradley
Sigurd Nilssen
Mimi Taylor
Byron Foulger
William Royle
Associate Producer Henry MacRae
Director Ford Been & Ray Taylor

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Chapter 1