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The Flumps

The Flumps

Episodes 1-4

The Flumps Episode 1

Secrets:- Includes the "Hat" Song and the wonderful "Can you Keep a Secret" Song. Includes "The Secret Story."

Posie is fed up, she wants to play but it is very quiet and Grandfather Flump is fast asleep in his chair. As usual the newspaper (on the back page there is an article about West Ham United) is over his head. She heads off to find the other Flumps. She finds Mother Flump in the kitchen busy writing a special recipe for a special cake in her recipe book. Mother Flump says it is a secret and tells Posie not to tell anyone. "Keep it under your hat" she tells Posie. Posie then goes to see Perkin who is busy writing secret messages in code in his book. She asks what he is doing and after he tells her, he says "Keep it under your hat." Posie is still not entirely sure what this all means but agrees to do as he wishes.

Grandfather Flump asleep Posie is bored Mother Flump has a secret recipe

Perkin has a secret Father has a secret Pootle has a secret

She then wanders off and sees Father Flump. He is busy in his workshop making a new kind of shelf. When she asks what he is doing he tells her but asks her to "Keep it under her hat." Posie is still a little confused with all these secrets and hats. Pootle is busy with his carpentry set when Posie find him. He asks her to keep the secret of what is is doing. Posie agrees to keep it under her hat but Pootle reminds her that she is not wearing a hat. She is a little bit worried that all the secrets will get lost and hurries off to remedy the situation. But where is her hat, she cannot find it and so looks for any old hat. Pootle finds her hat and she immediately puts it on.

Posie needs a hat for all these secrets Hats, hats lots of hats Even more hats

At last Posie's hat Can you keep a secret ? Time for tea

However, when she goes outside the hat is blown away by the wind and Posie thinks she has lost all the secrets. The family reassure her that everything is okay and they all go inside for tea. As usual Grandfather Flump wakes up just in time for some cake.

The Flumps Episode 2

The Cloud:- Includes the "Grumpy Flump" Song and the "Clouds come, Clouds go" Song.

Grandfather Flump is having a play on his Flumpet. Perkin Flump says it is too load, he is in a very bad mood. For him, the waters is too cold, the floor to hard, don't like this porridge, too lumpy and sticky he says. Mother Flump tells him to cheer up otherwise he will be under a grey cloud all day. She gives him a carrot and he goes outside still in a bad mood. Perkin then remembers that Grandfather Flump likes carrots. Grandfather Flump is now fast asleep having forty winks so Perkin sticks the carrot in the Flumpet and then goes away. Perkin appears in front of Posie and Pootle, he has a large cloud over his head.

Grandfather Flump and his Flumpet Perkin is in a bad mood Perkin does not like Porridge anymore

Naughty Perkin puts the carrot in the Flumpet A cloud appears over Perkin The other Flumps examine the cloud

They try to get rid of the cloud The cloud finally goes away

He tries to get rid of the cloud but it will not go. Posie and Pootle stand under the cloud and then start to feel very sad. They quickly move out from under it. The grumpy Flump is followed everywhere by the cloud. The Flump trio try to blow the cloud away, it doesn't work though. Grandfather Flump arrives to save the day but only after the carrot has come flying out of the Flumpet. All the Flumps laugh when they see the carrot appear and as they do, the cloud vanishes. Perkin now feels much better.

The Flumps Episode 3

The Magnet:- Includes the "Spoons" music.

Mother Flump is appalled as the house is total mess. She knows who is responsible, Pootle. Pootle has lost his things and is busy looking for bits and bobs. Mother Flump gives him a present to help him keep his things from getting lost. The new pocket is shown to the other Flumps. They are very jealous but know that Mother Flump will make them one to, if they ask her. Pootle goes off to fill the pocket with things. Pootle goes to see Father Flump. Father Flump gives him an extra strong magnet. Pootle is not sure what a magnet is but as he walks away, the watering can follows him. Father stops it from leaving. Pootle goes into the kitchen and Mother Flump asks him to lay the table. As he does this, the cutlery starts to behave very oddly.

What a mess the house is in Pootle is to blame of course Grandfather Flump is about to have forty winks

Pootle shows off his new pocket Father gives Pootle a magnet The spoons start to move

The spoons follow Pootle outside Other bits of metal cover Pootle

Pootle starts to find out what the magnet is for. He heads out into the garden and attracts everything that is metal. He becomes coated in metal objects which are very heavy. He soon falls asleep. Posie and Perkin are sent out to find the spoons and Pootle. They soon find him fast asleep covered in metal bits and pieces. Mother, Father and Grandfather Flump come looking for everyone.

Where is Pootle Pootle fast asleep

Some of the objects that are stuck to Pootle are actually items lost by the Flump family. Mother Flump is happy to get her thimble back. Father Flump uses his magnet to release Pootle and they go in for tea, now they have found the missing spoons.

The Flumps Episode 4

Get Your Skates On:- Includes the "Wheels turning round" song.

Something new is at the Flumps. Posie and Perkin both fall over the skate, although they are not sure what it is. Pootle tries to catch the skate but it gets away from him. Mother Flump explains that Father Flump is making skates and that they are for their feet. The trio head off to see Father Flump. He is using the skates to move things but he allows them to use one of the skates to play with. They show it to Grandfather Flump who could do with a skate for his heavy Flumpet. He is very happy.

Posie slips on the skate Mother Flump explains The Flumps are amazed

Perkin slides down the hill Grandfather borrows a skate for the Flumpet Skates for everyone

Mother Flump also borrows the wheels to use on her mop and bucket. Father Flump has made two pairs of skates for Posie and Perkin. Pootle is told that he too young for skates. Pootle is given a small wagon on wheels pulled with a bit of string. He is very happy too. Perkin does not really know how to skate and neither does Posie. After a bit of practise though, they are getting very good. Mother Flump, Father Flump and Pootle all arrive on the Flumpcycle.

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