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The Flumps

The Flumps

Episodes 5-8

The Flumps Episode 5

Moon Shot:- Includes the "The Moon Alone" Song and the "Zoom, Zoom to the Moon" Song.

Posie, Perkin and Pootle Flump are having a ride on the Flumpcycle. Posie is getting very tired but Perkin says he can go on 'till teatime. Perkin says he could go on forever whilst Pootle says he could go to the Moon on the Flumpcycle. Perkin does not know how far that really is, neither does Posie. They decide to go and ask Father Flump. Unfortunately, he does not know exactly either. He explains that they would need a rocket to go to the Moon. Mother Flump shows them a picture of a rocket in her book.

The Flumps on the Flumpcycle Mother Flump shows Pootle what a rocket is Flumpollo Number 1

A tired Pootle falls asleep He dreams of being an AstroFlump Time for tea

The young Flumps set about building their own Moon Rocket. It is huge and is made from cardboard tubes. Grandfather Flump asks where its name and number is. Flumpollo, Number 1 decides Perkin. Posie and Perkin go inside to get some crayons, but Pootle left outside, falls asleep and he begins to dream. He dreams of blasting off in a rocket from the Flumpbase. He encounters MoonFlumps having a picnic on the Moon. When he wakes up they have a real picnic outside.

The Flumps Episode 6

Balloons:- Includes the "Coloured Bubbles Balloons" Song and "If I was a fly" Song.

A red and yellow balloon are in the Flump's garden. Pootle sees them, but then suddenly he does not see them. There they are again but then they are gone again. Pootles does not know what to think. Posie and Perkin come round the corner carrying the balloons. Pootle has a green balloon but cannot blow it up. Perkin offers to do it but Pootle does not want any help. He goes away to blow it up on his own. Grandfather Flump does not see Pootle and is busy playing his Flumpet. Pootle uses the Flumpet to try and blow his balloon up. At first it works but soon the balloon is too big and it bursts, startling Grandfather Flump. Father Flump arrives after hearing the bang. Grandfather Flump explains what happened. Father Flump offers Pootle another balloon and a pump for blowing it up.

Balloons Pootle has a green balloon Pootle does not want any help blowing up his balloon

The Flumpet makes the balloon burst Pootle flys high

Father Flump warns Pootle not to put too much air in it but as usual Pootle gets it wrong. Outside, Posie and Perkin are still playing with their balloons. The balloons eventually deflate so they go and look for Pootle. They hear a voice but cannot see where it comes from. They both look up and see Pootle floating in the air. Pootle does not know how to get down so Perkin goes and finds Father Flump. Eventually Grandfather Flump uses his Flumpet to get Pootle down safely.

The Flumps Episode 7

Keep Fit:- Includes the "Fit, Flop Exercise" Song.

It was an ordinary day at the Flumps home. Pootle was standing on his head, Posie did the same. Perkin arrives and shows them how to do exercises correctly. Each of the Flump family have a different method of exercising and so keeping fit. Father Flump gets out his weights to show them how he used to lift when he was younger. Grandfather Flump has a go but then wishes he hadn't.

Pootles standing on his head Posie joins him

Lots of different exercises Father Flump the strongflump

Everyone is so tired after all the exercising, that they all decide to have a nap. Grandfather dreams of holding the world record for weight lifting.

The Flumps Episode 8

Something Different:- Includes the "With a Yohoho and a Welly Boot" Song and "Great Uncle William" Story.

Perkin, Posie and Pootle are bored and down in the dumps. They have been bored all day so Father Flump suggest they find something to do. It is nearly supper time but the Flump children are bored with supper time and sleep time. Father Flump suggest they go and find out what supper will be. They go into the kitchen and ask Mother Flump. She says that it is their favourite "vegetable soup," The children say they are bored with soup, they want something different.

We are bored Mother Flump shows them Aunt Mirtle Grandfather Flump shows them Filbert Flump

Supper is still not ready Finally Supper is ready

The children want to be different, eat different things, live differently and do different things. Mother Flump says that when she was a little Flump she wanted to be like Aunt Myrtle Flump. She shows them a picture of her. Aunt Myrtle Flump made all her children do the work as Aunt Myrtle did nothing around the house. The Flump children go and find Father Flump to see who he wanted to be like when he was younger. Father Flump informs them that Great Uncle William Flump was an explorer and Father Flump wanted to be like him. Grandfather Flump, when he was young, wanted to be like cousin Filbert Flump. Filbert Flump had his own fishing boat. Grandfather Flump then falls asleep and the children go back to see Mother Flump. Supper is not ready so they go outside and look at the Moon. they soon realise that they are happy being who they are and go inside looking forward to their supper.

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