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Jamie and the Magic Torch

Little Gems - Jamie and the Magic Torch

Episode 3 - Yoo-Hoo Yeti

Jamie and Wordsworth do not arrive in quite the usual place when they appear in Cuckoo Land. They were virtually on the doorstep of Blunkett Hall, home of Strumpet Blunkett. They immediately go to the door to investigate. Strumpers who owns the house is singing whilst getting dressed. He eventually comes to the door to greet them. Strumpet asks the two if they want to come with him to the snowy mountains. They agree and the trio travel on one of Strumpet's inventions. They are soon stopped by Constable Gotcha who is looking for the Yoo Hoo bird who is wanted for speeding. The group have not seen him and continue on their journey. They soon find that they are in the cold but beautiful snowy peaks of Cuckoo Land. The machine they are riding on soon breaks down though, Jamie and Wordsworth go sight seeing whilst Strumpet tries to fix it.

Blunkett Hall Strumpet is just full of beans Time to go to the mountains

To whom do the eyes belong to - a yeti perhaps? Jamie and Wordsworth admire the view Who is this then ?

The Yoo Hoo bird got all entangled and stuck in the snow Constable Gotcha is still on the hunt Time for a quick exit

The trio are soon frightened by a pair of eyes in the snow. With the help of the torch they soon find out that the eyes belong to the Yoo Hoo bird who was trying to escape from Constable Gotcha. The bird got all tangled up in his scarf and fell in the snow. He then got stuck and could not get out. All's well as they return to Cuckoo Land, that is until Constable Gotcha comes looking for the Yoo Hoo bird and the pair speed off one after the other.

Episode 4 - A Marrow Escape

Jamie and Wordsworth arrive in Cuckoo Land once again. They are walking along when they come across Wellybob the cat's house. Wellybob does everything backwards so his house is easy to recognise. All the furniture is outside in the garden. While they are outside they notice some strange objects rising into the air. They soon realise that Wellybob is using a bicycle pump to inflate vegetables in the garden. Apparently there is to be garden fete and a prize for the smallest vegetable. Wellybob is blowing everything up so he will lose. Wordsworth loves stuffed marrow and suddenly finds that he is being carried away by one. The other two quickly jump on vegetables and set off in pursuit over the beautiful countryside of Cuckoo Land.

Wellybob's house as ever back to front Everything outside when it should be inside Wellybob is busy in the garden

Inflating vegetables so he can lose the prize Oh dear - dog on a marrow Mr. Boo's submachine

Time for a holiday - perhaps Mr. Boo has been overdoing it That can't be Jamie can it ? What is going on ?

Lovely day for flying Prickly Mountain awaits them Sharp Cacti

The countryside Even Wellybob is not missed That goodness for the torch

The trio soon run into Mr. Boo who is in his flying submachine. Mr. Boo is busy counting all the things to ensure they are in the correct place for things (his words not mine). The airship causes Wellybob's vegetable to speed up and all three have difficulty steering around the ship. They now find that they are heading towards "Prickly mountain" which as the name suggests, spells doom for the inflated vegetables. As expected they all come crashing down to earth but a cool headed Jamie saves the day using the torch. He points it at the ground and creates a magic trampoline to save them all.

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