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Burns and Boston decide that the only way to make Junket less popular and to get him into trouble would be to kidnap Boofles. They do this and bundle him into Junket's locker. Using chalk, they then leave a message for the Headmaster on a wall. Later on, Mrs. Trowser-Legge telephones the school to see how young Boofles is fairing. The Head master assures her that all is well, but when she wants to speak to him, he cannot be found. The school children do not know where he has gone even though a few minutes ago they were teasing him. Mrs. Trowser-Legge promptly arrives in her car and a search begins for Boofles. They eventually come across the message on the wall and hurry inside hoping to find poor Thomas. While all this is going on, Thomas is inside the locker. He accidentally hits the activation switch on the device and finds himself on the same beach that Junket visited. He is instantly helped by Sprocket and Brigitte the maid. He soon makes himself at home and even gets the butler to bury himself. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the Headmaster and Mrs. Trowser-Legge have opened the locker number 89, found no Thomas, and have so summoned the three they believe behind it. Poor Junket, Daisy and Fred have no idea where he has gone but the Headmaster blames them.

Thomas is kidnapped by Boston and Burns They leave a messaghe implicating Junket The children have not seen Thomas

The guilty three appear before the Headmaster Thomas is living it up on the beach Burns takes the return device

Burns and Boston go looking in the locker as they expected the boy to be found. Instead they find the device, on which Boston changes the dial. Burns finds the return location device i.e. the cricket ball and swaps it for a real cricket ball. Burns now presses the return device as he and Boston leave the locker room. Thomas returns to the locker and ventures out, only to be pursued by his doting mother and the Headmaster. Junket. Later, Daisy and Fred get into the locker and are transported to a new place. They appear to be in the middle of no where as there are no signs of life (apart from plants). They go exploring to try and find out where they are. They even consider that they may be on another planet. He tries to evade them by hiding in the locker again. His head accidently hits the device button and he appears in front of Junket and company. They have found a birdwatcher who is trying to photograph a very rare bird. With the help of Thomas, he manages to catch several of the creatures eggs, a feat, which will guarantee front page news. Indeed it does and the children and the bird watcher are on the front pages of the Times newspaper. Mrs. Trowser-Legge is overjoyed and has renewed faith in the school and its Headmaster. She agrees to the donation and to keeping Thomas at the school.

The threesome end up no where Thomas is trying to outrun his mother and the Headmaster The birdwatcher

The special bird lays its eggs in mid air Thomas uses his mother's hat to catch all the eggs They make the papers

Mrs Trowser-Legge is overjoyed Mr. Potter deactivates the device He only just survives the explosion

A short time later, Mr. Potter has had the device returned to him and is busy trying to deactivate it. He is so busy messing about with ideas, that he does not see the sparks coming from the machine. It then suddenly explodes, shaking the entire school. Mr. Potter then needs to destroy the cricket ball return device. Junket and the other children are in class listening to the Headmaster banging on about Mrs. Trowser-Legge. Suddenly Burns begins shaking violently and before anyone knows what is happening, the cricket ball is causing mayhem. Without the machine the ball it causing total mayhem as people exchange positions and clothes. The ball then escapes out of the school and makes its way to Lords cricket ground. Mr. Potter, The Headmaster and the children race after it only to find it being picked up by Sir Gary Sobers. He then vanishes and everyone flees to escape the balls teleportation madness.

The return device is malfunctioning The ball makes its way to Lord's cricket ground The children and Mr Potter pursue

Sir Gary Sobers picks the ball up Everyone for themselves as the ball goes beserk Children's Film Foundation - Junket 89 - The End

And so ends another great film. Simple theme, simple script, wonderfully shot and directed. Great acting from all concerned. Any corrections, suggestions etc. please email me at the usual address.

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