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Little Gems - Junket 89

Junket 89 was another brilliant piece of filming from the late Children's Film foundation. As I said in The Adventures of HAL-5, the CFF company was wound up long ago in 1981. Sad to think of all the great films that came out of that little film production company, but nice to see so many young actors who went on to become much bigger stars. The film Junket 89 is no exception, since it starred a young Richard Wilson (I saw him the other week in an original black and white Dr. Finlay's Casebook - shows how long he has been in the business), Linda Robson & Pauline Quirke (first acting roles in a film and later found fame in "Birds of a Feather"). In my opinion, the real star of Junket 89 is Christopher Benjamin who has been the backbone of countless British dramas, science fiction, childrens and comedy programs throughout the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. His familiar face has been seen in the following television and films:

The 1992 BBC television series "A Likely Lad", (coming soon to Little Gems) in which he played Harold Sowter, The Tomorrow People, Doctor Who, Ace of Wands

The films Cyrano de Bergerac (1985) & Ring of Bright Water (1969)

Blott on the Landscape, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, Dick Turpin, When the Boat Comes In, Poldark, The Forsyte Saga, Campion, Yes, Prime Minister, Hadleigh. Thriller (to be released in November, fingers crossed), The Avengers, The Prisoner, The Saint, Special Branch, Upstairs, Downstairs, Van der Valk, Rich Man, Poor Man, The Protectors, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, Minder, Shoestring, The Sandbaggers to name a few.

Junket 89 lasted approximately 57 mins or so and was released in 1970 - still looking for which channel it was first shown on.

Just in case anyone was wondering where the film name came from, the image below of Junket's locker should help explain.

Junket's school locker number 89


Science Master Mr. Potter
O'Fred (Junket's best friend)
Boston (trouble maker but a bit slow)
The Headmaster
Burns (trouble maker and leader)
Daisy (character hasn't changed in thirty years)
Molly (same with this one)
Mrs. Trowser-legge
Mrs. Trowser-Legge
Thomas Trowser-legge
Thomas Trowser-Legge (nickname Boofles)
Sprocket the Butler
Brigitte the Maid
The Birdwatcher
School children
School Children
School children
More School Children
School children
Even more School Children

If anyone recognises themselves or was part of the production team and would like to add to the file, I would love to hear from you.

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Children's Film Foundation Junket 89 Junket 89
Junket 89 main page Junket 89 film
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Junket 89 film
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Junket Stephen Brasset
O'Fred John Blundell
Daisy Linda Robson
Boffles Mario Renzullo
Burns Freddy Foote
Boston John Barrow
Dot Caroline North
Molly Pauline Quirke
Titch Tommy Taylor
Headmaster Christopher Benjamin
Mrs. Trowser-Legge Fanny Carby
Mr. Potter Richard Wilson
Birdwatcher Paul Nicholson
Butler Robert Lankesheer
Maid Sonia Fox
Children from The Anna Scher Children's Theatre in Islington
Sir Gary Sobers Himself

The Film Makers:
Story and Screenplay David Ash
Editor Peter K. Smith
Sound Clive winter
Art Director Chris Cook
Continuity Ene Watts
Production Manager Keith Lund
Assistant Director Dickie Bamber
Production Secretary Joyce Turner
Sound Editor Paul Maxwell
Dubbing Mixer Tony Anscome
Photography by Tony Imi
Music by Harry Robinson
Written by David Ash
Produced by Carole K. Smith
Directed by Peter Plummer
Made by Balfour Films for The Childrens Film Foundation Ltd.
On Location in: London, Middlesex and Dorset
Recorded at : Cine-Lingaul Studios Ltd., London, England
Copyright Children's Film Ltd. Foundation 1970 MCMLXX

Children's Film Foundation - Junket 89 Children's Film Foundation - Junket 89 Children's Film Foundation - Junket 89

Children's Film Foundation - Junket 89 Children's Film Foundation - Junket 89 Children's Film Foundation - Junket 89

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